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Travertine is the most popular choice of natural outdoor pavers Sydney siders love to use. Travertine is in the limestone family and so it holds up extremely well as outdoor pavers. In fact, marble is also a type of limestone. So the family is completely full of stones that can hold up to the elements.


Travertine and its close cousins, are all formed when minerals dissolve in ground water. They then are deposited on the earth’s surface in rivers and other water sources. As a result of the variety of minerals found in the earth’s surface, travertine comes in a wide variety of natural colours. That’s what makes them ideal for using as outdoor pavers. You should have no problem finding a travertine paver that will match with all of your other landscape colour schemes.

Most people are familiar with travertine use on the inside of a home for tile flooring or columns. However, travertine outdoor pavers can be utilized in outside areas with great success. One of the key ways you can use travertine pavers is to simply line a walkway. Or you can use the pavers as stones in the walkway. Choose the type of travertine paver that has a flatter surface if this is the look you are after.


Outdoor Borders

Many travertine styles are rustic and antique looking which can give your home and landscape an ‘old world’ effect. They make it look as if it has been standing for a long time. If you are into Spanish or Tuscan styles, travertine pavers are ideal for achieving this, especially the 30mm travertine size.

Another way in which 30mm travertine outdoor pavers Sydney work well in the landscape is as a border around established beds and gardens. Trees benefit from the gracious curves that are possible with travertine pavers. Also beds that have large over-sized bushes, hedges, and shrubs benefit. Use travertine pavers to accent or show off the colours of a specific plant specimen or group of specimens. You can even coordinate the colour of the travertine to the type of landscaping plant that is there.

Outdoor Pavers Sydney For Definition

Travertine outdoor pavers also work well to outline or define a small seating area, or patio. The new style is to use an underlayment that allows for filtration of water through the patio. This is so that there is little impact to the environment and the water does not stand on the patio. Using sand or small crushed granite to fill in the spaces between the pavers finishes off the look. The results are outstanding and are such a great impact and focal point in anyone’s back yard.

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