Limestone is a beautiful stone. It forms when tiny shells and micro-skeleton remains, which have been deposited on the sea bed, compact into a solid rock. It happens because of a chemical reaction brought by heat and pressure. The hardened sediment people call limestone. About 10% of sedimentary rocks are limestones.

Tile manufacturers make limestone in to tiles. Limestone tiles will generally have a variety of markings on the surface. Limestone tiles Sydney are usually light coloured with impurities like iron oxides (rust), clay, hydroxides, sand and organic material.

A Favourite For Homeowners – Limestone Tiles

This tile is a favorite for many homeowners. It may be costly to install but it certainly lasts a long time. Also, limestone forms in a variety of colours and shades. Being neutral tones, it enhances a room. Therefore, this makes it an easy choice for many interior designers.

Like many other things, it also has advantages and disadvantages. Limestone tiles Sydney advantages include strength and durability. Also low maintenance costs, a variety of patterns, styles and colours. Manufacturers can either hone or polish limestone. Interestingly, because of advancements in technology, people find the prices of the best quality limestone tiles Sydney are lower now than when compared with prices in previous years.

Whatever you use it for, you cannot go wrong with natural stone. Just remember it’s important to seal limestone like any other natural stone.

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