Buy Italian floor tiles from Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney and save thousands.  Italians have taken the lead in the manufacturing industry for centuries. They put passion in everything they make, whether it is some pizza on the street or a stunning dress from one of the world’s top designers. They love life and they reflect that in what they create.

So what makes Italian floor tiles stand out in the highly saturated market of floor tiles? True, you can buy floor tiles cheaper if you get Chinese manufactured tiles and yes, their quality is improving fast. But when it comes to the latest innovations and captivating designs, Italians are still the leaders. They combine sophisticated resources and never ending creative designs. The result is that they produce truly inspirational floor tiles.

Sydney’s Best Place To Buy Italian Floor Tiles

TFO has established itself as the best destination in Sydney for Italian floor tiles ever since it introduced the first Italian floor tiles range a few years ago. In fact, we have seen a shift in consumers’ interest. Floor tiles that simply have low price tags and are reasonable quality do not satisfy consumers like they use to. Instead, people are looking for the best the market has to offer. For this reason, TFO is now importing floor tiles from over a dozen of the leading manufacturers in Italy who understand the needs of Australian consumers.

Italian floor tiles come in a wide array of designs and formats. They include the most sophisticated timber look porcelain tiles to floor tiles that imitate the dramatic beauty of natural stones.

Beautiful Designs With The Best Price

Manufacturers use the latest ink-jet technology to produce beautiful designs and this allows every piece of tile to have a unique design resulting in truly natural looking floor tiles. That’s all placed on a very strong porcelain body that ensures its lasting beauty, even in the most heavily used area. The great news is you don’t have to pay nearly as much as you may first think for these floor tiles. That’s because we import Italian floor tiles direct from the manufacturers. We then sell them direct to the public.

So there is no time to waste. Come and visit TFO today for the full range of Italian floor tiles. TFO staff have over a hundred years of combined experience in the tile industry that they would love to share with you.  Visit our TFO showroom or online tile store today. Visit us… or pay the price.