So much space, so many choices. When contemplating the options, it would be good to add glass mosaic tiles to the list.

You will primarily find glass mosaic tiles in a kitchen or a bathroom. Why? The secret lies in their sparkle. Because glass tiles glisten like no other, they give the appearance of water. Moreover, glass mosaic tiles add colour, pop and personality to these and other home spaces. The reflection of light from the tiles also makes the room feel bigger and brighter. Glass tiles can be used to create a kitchen backsplash or just to add attractive accents to ceramic tile installations.

Ceramic tiles will draw you into the battle against stains, mold and mildew. Not so with glass tiles. They are resistant to such things. Moreover, since glass does not stain it is easier to keep clean. In fact, it will be easy to see when fingerprints and smudges need to be wiped off with a wet cloth and some mild cleaning solution. Although the term “glass” conjures up images of something delicate and fragile, the durability of glass tiles is comparable to others.

Concerned about the environment? You will be happy to know that it is possible to obtain glass tiles produced from recycled glass, thus keeping them out of landfills. Moreover, even new glass mosaic tiles require half the amount of energy necessary to produce ceramic mosaic tiles.

A few points of consideration are that you may need to clean the tiles more frequently since they will more readily show up dirt. Additionally, the surface below where the tiles will be installed needs to be carefully prepared. The transparent nature of glass tiles means that they will show up any marks, grooves, and brush strokes left from the application of the adhesive.

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