TFO is the right place to go for your home renovations in Sydney. Get advice from the experts on laying tiles, together with the right maintenance advice. TFO has on staff experienced people in the tile industry as well as experts who have decades of experience. Get your DIY advice at TFO and complete your home renovations with confidence.


Before you start your interior or exterior home renovations here are some helpful hints.

Which Tile Is Right For You?

There are so many varieties of tiles, so many different sizes and so many colours to choose from. The choice can be daunting and confusing. TFO is here to assist you every step of the way. No matter how unique your home renovations may be, we will help you choose the right type of tile. Find some helpful articles below or simply visit us today for more information.

What Quantity Do You Need?

Once you know what kind of tile you’d like, you’ll then have to work out how many tiles you are going to need to complete your project. Remember the bigger the tile the more wastage is needed. Also, if the design is intricate, then more tiles are needed.

What Surface Preparation Is Needed To Lay Floor Tiles?

Once you have your tiles delivered, then the real work starts. Surface preparation is a must no matter what your project may be. If the floor surface is not flat, it may require screeding prior to laying the tiles. If you are tiling on a non-porous surface such as painted walls, you must prime the surface before installing the tiles. Where should you start laying tiles from? How do you make a fall for water drainage if you are laying bathroom floor tiles? How can you lay natural stone tiles and maintain the original look for years to come? Whatever questions you have, we’ll have the answers for you. Find more helpful DIY tiling guides below. Or, visit TFO today for advice and information on how to achieve your creative home renovations.