Bathrooms. On the lookout for bathroom tiles in Newcastle? TFO has got one of the largest selections and widest varieties of low-priced, high-end tiles. Take a trip over to our TFO showroom in Sydney, or you can compare prices and purchase from our online tile store for huge savings. We’ve also got tips to help you do it right. This next one’s for all do-it-yourself bathroom designers:

Why Tile?

Besides the aesthetic appeal that tiles add to a bathroom, it is more hygienic. Soap residue, toothpaste splatter and the like are easily wiped away. Moreover, since tiles are more resistant to mildew and bacteria growth, these health hazards can be more easily controlled. What tiles are most suitable?

In a wet environment, porcelain or glazed ceramic tiles would be suitable.  Looking to bring that rustic, natural look to your bathroom with a natural stone tile? That is a growing popular option. However, make sure it is sealed properly for easy maintenance and enjoyment.

What Size Tiles Should Be Used In Small Bathrooms?

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to use larger tiles in bathrooms particularly when using plain coloured (mainly white) wall tiles.  Because of the increasing use of rectified tiles, the grout joints can be from 1 to 1.5mm wide, resulting in a much more elegant finish.  The bathroom can then be accentuated by using a decorative trim, usually complementing the colour of the floor tile whilst breaking up the plainness of the wall, resulting with a clean modern look and feel.

Let TFO provide the know-how and superior products needed for your bathroom projects in Newcastle.