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Cream Marble Tiles – Style At Tile Factory Outlet Prices

Marble. One simple word but this stone has so many varieties. Choosing the perfect stone for your home is indeed a tough task. One comes across so many different varieties of stone that it’s impossible to catalogue. Marble is a stylish and seeming timeless material that can add elegance and style to nearly any home. In many parts of Sydney, adding anything but marble restricts the resale value. At Tile Factory Outlet we understand this and have agreements with overseas factories. This means you can buy cream marble at a fraction of the price elsewhere. That’s right, many whose budgets couldn’t afford this previously now can. Renovate with class without breaking the bank.

We at TFO source marble from many exotic locations including Italy, Turkey, China and Indonesia. Nature has had a different affect on cream marble depending on its location. For instance, Indonesia has some cream marble with a blue vein. China has many cream marbles that look like they have crystalized. Turkey has many clean patterned cream marbles and even one cream marble with fossils. The most popular marble out of Italy is Carrara marble. Lately the trend is away from Carrara tiles but that doesn’t mean Carrara marble is unpopular. No, it’s the format that has changed. Many home renovators now want Carrara marble mosaics as a feature wall. Recognizing this trend, TFO has sourced this stunning product in huge volumes and as always, we pass these savings on to you.

Cream Marble Why?

No offense to the other marble colours, but the cream marble varieties exceed their brothers and sisters in beauty, elegance and splendour. Owing to its warm colour and smooth texture,beautiful cream marble can be used for a number of purposes. This means when you go to sell your home, it will appeal and will result in a greater resale value.

Availability: Tile Factory Outlet meets with some of the best factories in the world. We know our customers want the best marble at the lowest prices. Therefore, when the marble factories are overstocked or have cash flow issues, we help. This means you should constantly be checking our stock of Marble Tiles (link to online store – marble section) on our online store and be quick to pounce, as marble this amazing and with such great prices doesn’t last long.

Versatility: A neutral looking, warm textured stone can be used in plenty of ways. We find the beige marble is being used more and more for large open living style spaces.

Tile Factory Outlet has a great range of quality cream marble at amazingly low prices. Visit us in our TFO Sydney showroom or compare and buy tiles from our online tile store.