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Cream Marble – Spanish Crema Marfil For Bathrooms

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Marble. One simple word but this stone has so many varieties. Choosing the perfect stone for your bathroom needs is indeed a tough task. One comes across so many different varieties of stone that it’s impossible to catalogue, but some of those are really special and worth your time and money. If you like a white or a cream marble, some stunning marble is: Italian Carrara Marble and Spanish Crema Marfil Marble.  Below we will talk about Spanish Crema Marfil Marble.

Crema Marfil Marble was first found near the area of Pinoso, a town in Valencia, south-east of Spain. Extraction of Crema Marfil is basically carried out in areas near Monte Coto and Monte Zafra, where you can find the Crema Marfil Cota and Zefra varieties respectively.

Coming to the actual stone, the reasons for which it became one of the most sought-after products for home decorators can be described as follows:

The Look: No offense to the other varieties of marble, the Crema Marfil exceeds its brothers and sisters in beauty, elegance and splendour. Owing to its warm colour and smooth texture, this beautiful cream marble can be used for a number of purposes. This means when you go to sell your home, it will appeal and not offend to nearly everyone.

Availability: The large reserves of Crema Marfil in Spain ensure that it is easily available in the market for all those who want to differentiate their homes from their neighbours’. Tile Factory Outlet in Sydney normally gets large volumes for clearance.

Versatility: A neutral looking, warm textured stone can be used in a plenty of ways. Add to that the Crema Marfil’s beauty and elegance, and you’ve got yourself a high range cream marble that can be used for nearly any purpose.

Since its discovery, Crema Marfil has slowly and steadily become one of the most demanded natural stones, all over the world.

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