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Carrara Marble Sydney – Italian Natural Stone

One of the most beautiful and versatile Italian marble that has inspired people for thousands of years, is Carrara. Carrara has an endless array of uses. It has been used in constructing some of the most magnificent buildings in the world and in creating some of the timeless and famous sculptures, such as La Pieta, at the Vatican in Rome. It has been also used to create enchanting staircases, impressive entry foyers, exquisite bathrooms and sensational kitchen bench tops.

Carrara has become the most recognisable marble in the world because of its popularity and versatility; Available in polished or honed according to your desire. The huge demand has had one negative effect it has continued to push prices up, making it less affordable and leaving the exclusive few to enjoy the luxury of using this most desired marble.

Marble Block buyers from all over the world, particularly from China, now send their buyers direct to the quarries, choosing the best blocks to be shipped to China for processing.  Things such as price, surface finish, thickness, where it has been processed and more importantly where you’re buying Carrara marble from can make it very difficult for the end user to determine the validity of the Carrara. For example; if you visit a number of “Carrara” vendors, you will find as many variations as suppliers. Some will tell you that the 20mm thick Carrara is better than the 10mm, this is not the case because the 20mm uses older technology to process materials and may have a significant variation in thickness, and instead the 10mm has no variation.

Tile Factory Outlet has spent a lot of time testing various suppliers from Carrara and after a long selection process, we feel very confident in being able to supply exceptional material for your requirements. We import the standard quality and the premium in polished or honed finish, in most standard sizes, including staircases and in sizes to suit your specifications. At Tile Factory Outlet, you can expect to save from 30% to 50% and sometimes more on comparable materials from our competitors so if you have a project that requires Carrara, visit TFO Tile Factory Outlet at 107 Warren Road (Cumberland Hwy) Smithfield or have a look below to see our range of Carrara marble.

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