3 Reasons to Consider Marble for Your New Home or Renovation

When you walk into a home and think this looks grand and stylish, the probability is that the home has a marble entry. Yes, marble floor tiles add a “wow” factor that is nearly impossible to get from any other material. What attracts most people to marble tiles is its ability to take a high luster shine. Yes, a polished marble entrance or a polished marble bathroom is always mentioned when a real estate agent is listing a home for sale in Sydney.

So why choose marble tiles? 1. The looks can’t be beaten. 2. The marble will be unique and can’t be copied. 3. It’s a great investment.

Let’s look at these one at a time.

1. Marble Tiles Look Great

Marble has taken millions of years to form. During this time, limestone has crystallized and turned into a much harder material that can now take a polish. This takes time, pressure and high temperature. However, as it’s forming, different weather and environmental factors like oxide, create amazing patterns that are nearly impossible to replicate. Earth’s natural processes were designed in such a way that appeals to our eyes. That’s why marble is the favourite flooring material in many exclusive Sydney suburbs.

2. Marble is Unique

With so many factors that can change the look of marble, no two pieces are ever the same. This turns your floors or walls into a blank canvas to create whatever patterns you like. Yes, by laying the veins in a directional pattern, one is able to draw visitors to a certain part of the home. This is very handy if you wish to lead visitors away from the bedrooms and into your living room. It also has a colour palette of warmth that only a naturally made marble tile can bring. Marble also seems to be timeless. While man made tiles date, light coloured marble tiles stay current. Many find that marble is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, making it an ideal choice for Sydney homes.

3. Marble is a Great Investment

Very few items will give as much resale value as marble. This needs to be qualified by saying ‘light coloured marble’as this type of marble appeals to nearly all tastes of potential buyers and is also a great investment if you buy it at the right price.

A simple look in boutique city tile outlets reveal prices of $200m2 and higher. We understand that most customers are seeking cheaper prices. So, TFO has teamed up with many light coloured marble factories to give Australians the opportunity to buy this amazing product at prices cheaper than most sell manmade porcelain. Please have a look below and see a few examples.

Marble Paris Cream

We are so glad you took the time to learn about why marble will make your home look great. Now we encourage you to save a lot of money and consider buying your natural marble tiles at TFO. Follow this link to not only buy marble tiles now but also to compare prices.