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TFO Welcomes the New Era – The Bigger The Better – Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Large tiles have long been revered as a product only reserved for clients where price is no limitation. Thanks to TFO, this highly sought after product is now attainable for most as the price point is among that of your standard 600x600mm porcelain tiles. The best part is that all finishes and designs that customers have grown to love in smaller formats can also be replicated, and in most cases more effectively, in larger tiles.

Kashmir Hueso Glazed Polished Spanish Porcelain Tile

Large format tile variations

Large format tiles refer to sizing that is 600x600mm or greater. Some of the sizes that have been recently imported by TFO include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 750x750mm
  • 800x800mm
  • 600x1200mm
  • 750x1500mm

plant matt porcelain tile

This type of format is commonly used in many commercial settings to make the most of large open spaces, such as lobbies and entryways, where the area can accommodate the size of the tile. That being said, more and more home builders are starting to opt for large tiles in residential applications. One of the appealing capabilities of the larger format tiles is that they have the ability to replicate the look of natural stone slabs at a fraction of both the cost and maintenance required.

So whether the intention is to brighten an area, minimise the overall look of grout joints or simply to create a concept that is unique to the market; large format tiles have the ability to achieve any look desired.

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