The Latest Trend In Floor Tiles Is Large Format Tiles

The latest trends in large format porcelain tiles are on offer at TFO, all at outlet prices.  Sizes are moving upwards from the norm of 600x600mm. They’re are expanding into large format tiles of 750×750, 800×800, 900×900, 200×1200, 600×1200, 750x1500mm, and now to the super large format panels of 1500x3000mm. These large format floor tiles and panels are simply stunning! They also give you a flowing, seamless open look with fewer grout joints. Having fewer grout joints makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Therefore, people are embracing big tiles.

Types Of Large Format Tiles

Available in 600×1200, 750×750, 375×750 PERLA, MERENGO, CREMA, TORTORA
Advanced technologies are used to manufacture full body porcelain tiles that emulate natural stones and timber. Each piece varying just like real stones and timber. Statuario, Carrara, Limestone, Travertine and Pietra Grey – all these beautiful stones have inspired the creativity of designers. Results are finishes that are difficult to distinguish from natural stones. The surfaces are exquisite and sophisticated with finishes such as polished, lappato, brushed, matt, natural, antiquated, scored and bocciardato. Also possible are matching indoor / outdoor floor coverings that can give you a seamless continuity.

1500x3000x6mm Panels

Large Porcelain Panels

TFO has now partnered with the best of the best manufacturers of large format slim panels in the world! Porcelain panels are the new benchmark in the industry and we are committed to be at the forefront in bringing them to the Australian market. They are available for a fraction of the price of other retailers. Manufacturers produce porcelain panels in sizes of up to 1600x3200x6mm, and these can be easily cut to specific sub-formats. Surfaces such as kitchen benchtops, vanity tops and even on furniture. However, large porcelain panels require very specific handling and installation techniques. For more information, contact us today.

FMG Maxfine Panels 1500x3000x6mm

Concrete And Timber Look Finishes

Many commonly use these larger format tiles in commercial settings. They enable them to make the most of large open spaces such as lobbies and entryways. However, it’s now become popular for home owners to opt for using larger tiles in residential applications. The large tile formats also come in concrete and timber look finishes. This is a great news for consumers who are looking for a stylish contemporary look. A great way to lay large format porcelain tiles, especially plank size timber look tiles, is to offset them by about 150 to 200mm. This gives you a totally natural looking finish.

Timber Look Tiles 200x1200mm

Large tiles have long been a product that only top end consumers could afford. Thanks to TFO, these highly sought-after products are now available to the mainstream market. This is because the price point is among that of standard 600x600mm porcelain tiles. These large format tiles will give you infinite possibilities for decorating your home. The textured surfaces, maxi sizes and beautiful colours give you the ultimate control for daring solutions that are truly unique. They will also add value to your home. The best place to buy large format tiles in Sydney is at TFO. Therefore, come in and visit our store today to buy your big tiles or buy large format tiles online now.

Walk Iron – Concrete Look Large Format 600x1200mm