New Dolomite Italian Tiles Collection

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Inspiration breeds creation. Thus, was born the Dolomite Italian tiles collection for external use. Produced by one of the most renowned Italian manufacturers, Italgraniti. The manufacturer’s dedication to aesthetics and quality delivers state of the art products for the top end of the market. However, TFO brings you these products for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

Dolomite Italian Porcelain Feature Tile – Internal & External

Beauty and strength—two qualities characteristic of the granite in the Dolomite mountains. These qualities were the inspiration for these porcelain tiles. These Italian tiles feature a unique textured feel that adds depth and warmth as well as sophistication and strength.

These luxurious stone look tiles take the natural beauty inherent in stone and combine it with the durability of vitrified porcelain. The colour variation in each tile mimics unique veining of natural stone. The Dolomite Italian tiles collection ticks all the boxes. Thereby making them ideal for outdoor use.

Dolomite Italian Porcelain in 30x60cm

TFO TIPS for creating the perfect Outside Entertaining Area – without the maintenance.

  • Use Porcelain Tiles externally, they have the look of natural stones without the maintenance. No sealing is required, just lay them, and forget them.
  • Choose either an R11 finish which is an anti-slip finish or a Rockface finish. Perfect for all external surfaces, pathways, entries, patios, pool surrounds and entertaining areas. Thereby giving you an anti-slip surface, which is needed for outdoors.
  • Create a fabulous feature wall. Use the Dolomite Feature Tile which compliments the floor tiles. Thereby creating the look of a luxurious natural stone wall. As a result, adding warmth, texture and that WOW look to your outdoor living space.

TFO stocks these practical porcelain tiles in both R11 and Rockface finishes, together with a feature tile. Stop by our Sydney TFO showroom and check out the Dolomite collection offered to you at amazingly low prices.

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