Frequently Asked Questions about Our Tiles and Service

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Porcelain Tiles

Does it scratch? 

Yes it may scratch if exposed to furniture which has exposed raw metal feet, such as tables, lounges or chairs.  Also, you may scratch it if you live in an area where there is sandy soil or if you are near a beach (just standing on top of an area with sand underfoot and swirling around would do it).

Having said that, what materials are we comparing with.  Polished porcelain is one of the better materials which will resist scratching in those conditions, better than ceramic glazes, natural stones/marble and timber floors.

You may avoid this by making sure that all metal tipped furniture is covered with proper protection caps.

The funny thing about this question is, that when you visit a place where they have used a polished material on the floor, you will say what a “beautiful floor”.  However, if you got down on your knees and looked at the floor closely, you would find numerous scratches caused by normal wear and tear adding “character”.

Is it slippery when wet?

 Yes, it can be slippery when wet, however with no significant difference to many ceramic/porcelain glazed tiles, mosaics, polished natural timber and vinyl floors, when wet.

When you visit big banks or insurance buildings in the city, you are mostly walking on polished marble or granite and if the floors have recently been washed, they put on a sign to “be careful on the wet floor”.

If you wish, you could lay a slip resistant tile on the floor (normally used outside) but it would be very difficult to keep clean. In the end you have to make a choice which is the best option for you depending on your circumstances.

However we must remember, to be careful on all wet floors.

Is it suitable on a bathroom floor?

 Of course.

Often polished porcelain is imitating a natural stone and if you were tiling a bathroom in a marble, you would likely tile the floor and wall the same.

Look at the many classical bathrooms in Calacatta, Carrara, Creama Marfil, Travertino and many other beautiful natural stones. Once again there is no significant difference in the slip factor in wet or dry conditions when using polished porcelain.

What is the wear resistance?

 The wear resistance is as good, if not better than any other comparable materials used in tiling any wall and floor area. It will last as long as the substructure remains sound.