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Why Choose Concrete Look or Lappato Floor Tiles in Sydney

TFO’s range of floor tiles has never been bigger. We boast one of the biggest ranges of Italian tiles, timber look tiles, travertine tiles and more. But the scene of the tile industry keeps changing at a fast pace, new types of products and designs are being introduced all the time with the advance of innovative technologies allowing manufacturers to create sophisticated floor tiles. Among them all, the two products below are attracting more attention than ever. They might just be the products you’ve been looking for.

1. Concrete look floor tiles
You may have noticed, but the ‘industrial look’ is in right now. People are seeking the raw beauty of rustic and aged industrial material. The level of ‘industriousness’ may vary from soft to hard core but this is definitely the reason why polished concrete floor can be seen in many commercial and residential properties these days. The tile industry has been quick to respond to this trend change.

Concrete look tiles imitate the raw beauty of concrete floor. But the colours and textures can vary greatly between light and dark and wet look and dry look. The innovative inkjet technologies have allowed manufacturers to create truly sensational concrete look floor tiles. The advantages over real concrete flooring are numerous.

First, they don’t weigh nearly as much as real concrete floor. For the concrete slab to be strong, it needs to be at least 10cm deep. This usually limits the use of concrete to the ground floor only in a residential home. On the other hand, concrete look floor tiles weigh just a fraction of the weight of concrete slab allowing you to use them upstairs or even on the walls.

Secondly, they are maintenance free. Real concrete slab requires constant maintenance including yearly sealing of the surface due to its porous surface. But concrete look floor tiles need now of that as they are glazed and the surface is not porous at all.

2. Lappato floor tiles

Lappato Floor Tiles
Have you been impressed by the brilliant look of lappato floor tiles before realizing that dirtiness can quite visibly be seen under a heavy traffic? Then again, matt finish porcelain tiles can sometimes look a bit dull. If you are looking for the perfect balance between the two, we recommend that you take a look at some of our lappato floor tiles. ‘Lappato’ is a word Italians use to refer to semi-polished porcelain tiles.

These products are literally halfway between matt and polished porcelain tiles. The honing process used to polish the surface is simply stopped before the surface is entirely polished leaving some spots unpolished. This results in a surface that gently reflects lights while hiding any dust sitting on the surface.

TFO has a wide range of lappato floor tiles in a variety of colours. They may be used in most indoor applications as well as wet areas such as bathrooms.

So, make sure you are up to date with the latest offerings the world of tiles has to offer. There’s never been a better time to find the concrete look and lappato finish tiles like now. Come and visit TFO today and check out our latest range, or buy lappato floor tiles online now.

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