Kitchen Floor

Kitchen Floor – What To Consider

Just like with most things in life, the matter of kitchen floor presents you with many choices. What are they? And what points should you consider?

Kitchen Floor – Travertine Tiles

To make your kitchen floor look trendy and high-end, you can use Travertine tiles. It is a kind of limestone and comes in various colors from ivory to gold to brown. Some producers recommend smaller tiles to be used in areas where you expect high foot traffic like in kitchens. This will help to avoid developing cracks. Since Travertine is natural stone, it is also naturally porous and will soak up water easily. Therefore if you use it in the kitchen floor it needs to be sealed properly to avoid absorbing spilled liquids. Also keep in mind that if you go with polished travertine it can be slippery when wet.


Ceramic tiles are made of clay fired at high temperatures. These high temperatures make ceramic tile harder than travertine and they will last a long time under high foot traffic if tiles with a high PEI rating are purchased. Ceramic tile come in glazed and unglazed and in an almost innumerable variety of colors and styles. Ceramic is durable because of its hardness. However, this is said to have a downside. Ceramic tile is prone to chip or crack under impact. So it means that if you drop a plate on the floor, the tile could break. Small children who fall on a ceramic tile floor are in for a hard landing. It is also said that standing on a ceramic floor for long periods of time can be difficult.


Porcelain tiles are brothers of ceramics and basically have the same attributes. However, porcelain is harder and the color of porcelain permeates the entire tile, not just the surface. It means that if it is scratched, cracked or chipped, it will not be as noticeable because the layer underneath is the same color.

So that’s just a few options to think about. Still need more advice and or stuck for ideas? Why not visit TFO Tile Factory Outlet and speak to their friendly staff about your tiling needs. You won’t regret it!

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