Cheap Floor Tile

Cheap Floor Tile – Many Varieties

It was not your local cheap floor tile dealer that conjured up the idea of baking clay and laying out for family and friends to walk on. You can basically thank the Romans for making that idea vogue. But to follow in their footsteps and give your guests something to talk about, get to know your floor tile facts first.

Cheap Floor Tile – One Floor, Many Faces

There are many types of tiles and in these types even more varieties. Some varieties are ceramic, encaustic, marble, porcelain and glass. Ceramic tiles are basically clay and other elements fired at a very high temperature. They come glazed and unglazed. Within that group you can find tiles in a variety of colors and PEI and COF ratings. Encaustic tiles are basically tiles with a pattern inlaid. This pattern is not glazed on the surface of the tile but actually a different color of clay within the tile itself. You might find these in Victorian gothic and Edwardian style places. Marble is as its name and is very attractive and classy. However, if it is polished it is very slippery so it is not recommended to use where there is high traffic. Glass tiles are also available in many colors, shapes and sizes. To increase their friction, they may be textured.

Proper Use

Unlike spandex, tiles are not one type fits all. For example, if your cheap floor tile installation will be outside, the temperature and humidity of the area needs to be considered. This is due to the natural expansion of materials and also the freezing of moisture in the nooks and crannies of the tiles which can cause wear and tear.

If your installation will go in the bathroom, textured tiles may be a good choice to make the floor more slip-resistant.

With a little background knowledge, your cheap floor tile installation will go a long way!

So with this new found knowledge, you can confidently go to your local tile store or a reputable tile factory outlet and ask for the best quality tiles at the cheapest prices possible!

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