Polished Bianco Carrara Fan Mosaic Tile

Polished Bianco Carrara Fan Mosaic Tile (255x250mm, 66x78mm pieces) (#7010)

$20/Sheet (All prices are GST inclusive)

This product is currently out of stock.

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Marble mosaic sheet.

Colour variation is characteristic of this product.

As this is a natural stone.

Only use a suitable marble tile adhesive and sealer.

*Worried about getting this product home? Don’t!

We have some cheap delivery solutions that will be offered towards the end of your transaction. If you purchase mosaics only, you can have them posted to you Australia wide for a fee.

If you buy other tiles, you can have them delivered to you through a third party (Sydney metro only). If you live further away, check out www.tfo.com.au/delivery

We have many forklifts onsite and storemen who will be happy to load you up if you decide on the pick up option (no charge).



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5 months 12 days ago

Hi there, I need 3m2 how many sheets would I need? Thank you.

4 months 23 days ago

Hi thank you for your inquiry. You will need a minimum of 16 sheets per square metre. Therefore you will need at least 48 sheets. This is not taking into consideration any extra for wastage.