If you are looking for travertine tiles in Sydney, look no further.  Perhaps you are after that rich earthy and homely feel of some brand new travertine tiles in your home?  Then check out the wide range at Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney’s best destination for premium quality travertine tiles and travertine pavers. Find out the 3 reasons why thousands of people have already chosen travertine tiles from TFO and love it.


TFO is different from all the other travertine retailers in that we eliminate all middlemen factors. We buy travertine from manufactures in places like Turkey in thousands of square meters every month enabling us to have very strong buying power. We can easily sell to other retail stores and they can still make money but instead, we sell travertine direct to you passing on great savings. This is why you’ll find the lowest prices in Australia on premium quality travertine tiles at TFO. Just because it’s what you want, it doesn’t mean you have to pay too much for it.

Quality And Wide Range

TFO actually have employees stationed overseas in order to make sure that the manufacturers supply only the highest quality tiles to us, because we know the high standard of product that you, the customer, want, need and deserve. As regards the range of travertine tiles that Tile Factory Outlet stock and supply for the public, where do we begin?  If we can get it, then you can get it at unbelievable low prices. You can get honed, honed and filled, brushed and chiselled and that’s just the texture, not to mention the variety of colours and shades you can get your new tiles in. Travertine tiles are a very natural tile, which adds to the earthy feel.

Decades Of Experience

TFO has experts and pioneers who know more about travertine tiles than anyone else in Australia. With so much experience under one roof, it would be absolutely impossible for you to get travertine tiles that didn’t suit your new home or renovation. By tapping into this wealth of knowledge, you can take what might otherwise be an overwhelming and lengthy process and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff steer you in the right direction.

So if you are in the market for some new travertine tiles, then do yourself a favour and head to Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney and grab yourself a bargain. Visit our online tile store or our TFO showroom today.