Travertine Sydney is overlooked for many new home floor tiles. Travertine flooring really is great for nearly any home. Good travertine flooring sets the mood in a room, protects the interiors and reduces homeowners’ energy costs while beautifying the home. Its resilience and beauty have been appreciated for centuries, from the ancient dragon palaces of the Chinese Emperors to Italian nobility. People around the world and throughout time have admired this stone’s ability to lift the spirit of any home.

Back in medieval Europe most homes didn’t have much in the way of flooring options, if you were lucky enough to have one, it was made of pounded dirt and covered in a thin clay limestone that you had to bake into a crust to walk on. We’ve obviously come a long way since then. These days, instead of mind-boggling amounts of manual labour, you are more likely to be more astounded by the dazzling scope of options available to consumers. There’s an option for every buyer and every home, but the one everybody loves is travertine Sydney.

Use Travertine For Your Home

So, why should you use travertine for your home in Sydney then? What makes it so special? Well first, let’s look at your options. Travertine is a natural limestone product that forms from deposited mineral beds that leached out of the water near hot springs millions of years ago, so, each piece is unique and can’t be duplicated in a test tube or in a factory. Also, it comes in several colours, ranging from white to brown. It can take on a high shine polish or it’ll do just as well in a more unfinished state. It’s incredibly durable too; many of the ruins in the Holy Land are made from travertine in Sydney and have been preserved through time remarkably well. Travertine also has the added benefit of being a green product.

No Unnatural Chemicals Or Artificial Trace Element

They come from ancient beds of old limestone outcroppings and contain no unnatural chemicals or artificial trace elements that could harm you, your family or pets. Travertine lasts a long time and are naturally antimicrobial, which is pretty awesome considering it’s a rock. You can quickly install travertine tiles indoors or outdoors with the confidence it will remain attractive and resilient for years.

There are some things to keep in mind, if you are considering travertine for your home in Sydney or elsewhere. It is a natural product, and, although it’s durable, it needs a little care. It doesn’t react well to acidic fluids, so if you drop orange juice, be sure to clean it up quickly. Most people decide for this reason to seal their travertine. Other than that, all your new travertine flooring needs is an occasional damp mopping.

You can view an incredible range of colours and finishes for Travertine Sydney, not to mention great prices at our TFO showroom or our online tile store today.