Travertine Stone Tiles. There is something inherently attractive about the word “natural”. We see it everywhere — in the packaging of produce at your local grocer or on the bottle of a cold beverage. There’s no denying that the expression “all natural” seems to instil trust in quality. Moreover we find “getting back to nature” to be refreshing, serene, and even beautiful.

With home design it is no different. We live inside but at times long for the natural, rustic feel of the outdoors rather than the sleek finish, dead straight lines, and sharp edges of modern man-made products. Thus it is common to see someone using a gnarled piece of driftwood as a showpiece in their home, or choosing a colour scheme that mimics the kaleidoscope of earth tones present in the sedimentary layers of soil. But, how can you capture that feeling with your home tile installation?

Travertine Stone Tiles – Travertine Stone For Nature Lovers


Among natural stone tiles, travertine stone is a long-time favourite. From the time of ancient Italy until now, travertine stone has been sought after for its durability, versatility, and aesthetic beauty. What makes it the “natural choice”?

Firstly consider the colours of travertine stone. Whereas porcelain tiles are available in almost every hue imaginable, you can get travertine stone in earth tones such as sandy browns, stony greys, or terra cotta just to mention a few. But since travertine is a natural product, no two tiles will have exactly the same hue. This, in turn, contributes to the rustic feel.

Secondly, travertine is either modified or quarried to be imperfect. Therefore it contains chips, missing corners, and the like. This distressed finish, which is reminiscent of weathered stone, brings an authentic earthy feel to your décor, as if centuries of history have passed over them and they have stayed the abuse of a thousand storms. How can you put such natural beauty to use in your home?

Have A Piece Of Travertine Stone In Your Home


As an option you can use travertine stone tiles in most areas in your home, either on floors or walls. There are several varieties of travertine stone tiles depending on your application. For example, you can get tumbled, honed, filled or unfilled, polished or chisel cut travertine stone tiles.

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