Travertine is a smooth and very hard type of limestone formed over thousands of years by Mother Nature. It is a durable and aesthetically appealing stone product with no two stones exactly alike which makes it an exciting stone product to add value to your home. Because of its denseness and durability, it has a variety of uses, both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for not only walls and floors, but also for wet areas and in exterior areas such as pool surrounds. Colours range from white to tan to crème with surfaces ranging from a “tumbled” old-world look, to a honed matte type finish (the most popular), to a brushed look or to a polished, glossy surface. The pores in Travertine can also be filled in with a coloured resin or cement to give a solid surface.

The best time to seal Travertine tiles is of course when they are first laid. However, this is not always possible; therefore, a thorough cleaning of the stone surface with a low pH cleaner is essential prior to sealing the surface.

We believe the best sealant choice is the use of an Impregnator sealer that helps protect the tile against the ingress of water and oil-based stains while maintaining the natural look of the Travertine tile.
Sure Seal Sealants Australia, with over 35 years in the protective coating industry, recommends its Sure Seal® 24/7 Stone Impregnator suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This water-based impregnator is a non-flammable, environmentally friendly, no odour, penetrating sealer which provides extraordinary protection from water and oil based stains. It is easy to apply and there is no need to worry about wiping off any excess product. This impregnator is very popular because of its long-lasting durability, ease of application and maintenance of the treated surface. Sure Seal® 24/7 Stone Impregnator has a proven track record of performance not only in Australia, but in major resorts in the South Pacific, in Europe and in the United States.

Sure Seal® 24/7 Stone Impregnator is recommended for application on Travertine tiles around swimming pools as it not only provides protection from oil and water based stains, but it also resists both chlorine and salt water penetration. It will not change the colour or texture of the treated surface. Therefore, the treated surface will not become slippery preventing the possibility of a slip and fall accident.
Maintenance of the treated surface is quite easy. Use a low Ph cleaner (no acid based detergents, cleansers or abrasive products), applied with a microfibre sponge or mop with warm water and rinse thoroughly.

Sure Seal® 24/7 Stone Impregnator will last for many years, but in heavy walkway areas we recommend that you test yearly and re-apply if necessary.

After you have purchased your beautiful Travertine tiles and Sure Seal® 24/7 Impregnator from Tile Factory Outlet, if you need any further assistance for your Sure Seal Sealants, please call Sure Seal on their Australia wide toll free number 1 800 33 66 00 or google Sure Seal.