Don’t be satisfied with just the bare minimum. Create an outdoor space you love with the finest material around. As the summer approaches, the time you spend outdoor increases. Maximize the potential of your outdoor space by using stunning travertine pavers. TFO has the biggest range of Travertine pavers Sydney has ever seen.

Travertine pavers are one of the most popular natural stone pavers around in Sydney. But unfortunately, many pavers Sydney dealers have made them an option only for those who can afford their premium price tags. Here at TFO, we’ve made travertine pavers an affordable option for just about everyone.

It’s now time for you to seriously think about owning your own travertine paver space. But why is travertine so popular? Below are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider travertine outdoor.

1. Durable Of Pavers Sydney

Contrary to what many think, travertine is actually one of the stronger stones around. Although it’s porous, travertine’s compression rate is much higher than that of concrete. You can see historical examples of its durability in many ancient Roman architectures such as Colosseum which is mostly built of travertine. Therefore, with thousands of years of proven strength, travertine pavers can be safely used in most outdoor areas.

2. Cold Under Your Feet

This is an important one. You’d never see dark coloured stone flooring around the swimming pool because they would burn your feet. Travertine pavers are actually some of the coolest materials around under the strong sun. Thanks to its porous surface, your feet are less exposed to the face of the stone making them feel cooler than any other type of stones. It’s ideal pavers for Sydney’s strong sun!

3. Slip-resistant

Porosity of travertine is an advantage in another area – they are slip resistant. It makes them some of the most ideal options for around the pool application. While porosity helps in making travertine slip-resistant, tumbled finish used in travertine pavers ensures. So they are mild to your bare feet.

4. Easy Installation

Most travertine pavers come with the thickness of 30mm or sometimes even thicker. Combined with its original strength, these pavers have a very high flexural strength. This allows them to be laid ‘dry-set’ without the use of glue, grout or expansion joint. It’s not only much cheaper but also great for expanding the area in the future.

5. The Irresistible Look

This alone would be a good reason to buy travertine pavers. Travertine has such a unique look that makes it distinctively different from any other stone. Rich in warmth and dramatic in character, travertine pavers turn any space into a luxurious art. With a selection of colours to choose from such as classic, silver and noce colour, you are sure to find just the right travertine pavers for your home.

There are so many more positives to talk about. To convince yourself, come in to TFO today to see and feel this amazing stone, travertine. Furthermore, TFO staff will gladly help you find the right product for your home and explain how you can care for them.

Love your outdoor space, love travertine pavers Sydney siders love. Browse the range of travertine pavers online now.