So you want to landscape outside? Before you begin, you will find it advantageous to ask yourself “What is the purpose? A Road to Where?” Whatever ‘road’ you decide, you will need to use travertine pavers.

Some people will lay out a stone paver path to direct traffic either from one area of the landscaping to another, or to lead to the entrance of your home. Another type of path would be one used to outline a portion of your lawn or a particular bed of flowers that you want to highlight. Perhaps you want to surround your swimming pool with pavers. Tired of people trampling your petunias? Using pavers to create a path can make a shortcut so that heavy traffic does not cut an ugly swathe through your yard.

Moreover, creating a path with travertine pavers will last longer than wood or gravel.

Outdoor Pavers – It’s All About The Look

As usual, style and size or proportion should always be a consideration when doing any type of design or home decoration. After all, we don’t just want a functional path, we want a path that makes a statement. If you are creating a path through your yard that should convey the feel of a leisurely stroll through a park, pavers placed farther away from each other and laid out in meandering curves will assist. The path could also be narrow than one used to lead traffic to your front door, which should be wide enough so that the new couple who moved in next door can walk side-by-side as they approach and not have to line up single file.

In addition, it is said that smaller pavers serve to create visual interest, like an accent and are good to use in a spot where you may have furniture like deck chairs, etc. especially if these will not be moved around a lot.

After considering your purpose and style, you’re ready to create!

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