You’ve designed, purchased materials, applied mortar to the floor and have now installed your tiles. Now comes one of the messiest parts—grouting. But just like you discovered that tiling bathroom floor can be satisfying when a little skill is applied, you will find the same when completing this final task for your tile.

Tiling Bathroom – Grouting

As mentioned, grouting is a messy job, and there are plenty of tiling bathroom furnishings that can take a hit from a blob of misplaced grout. So be sure to cover up anything that you do not want “grouted”.

After spreading the grout over the tiles, you can wipe off any excess with the edge of your tool. It is also good to avoid digging into the grout between the tiles. So to avoid this, spread the grout with diagonal strokes.
Grout setting times vary, but you can count on between five and fifteen minutes. How can you tell when it has set enough for the final clean? Well, if you gently press on it with your thumbnail and if does not leave an impression, then you are ready for a final clean.

Tiling Bathroom – Cleaning Up

Take a damp sponge and wipe the tiles diagonally to clean them. Make sure you rinse the sponge out frequently to keep it clean. However, despite your best effort this cleaning process will leave a haze on your tiles. What next? First, wipe the surface with a damp cloth, then follow up with a clean, dry cloth.

Let the grout cure completely before sealing it. After the grout is thoroughly cured, apply grout sealant with a sponge. This will make it more resistant to mildew and moisture, as well as helping it to stay clean. When doing so, make sure you wipe off any drips before the sealer dries.

With these simple tips, tiling bathroom floor can be a successful endeavor.

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