Tiles bathroom, you can make your daily shower routine not just a refreshing stress reliever but also a spa-like experience. With a bit of creativity and the acquisition of cheap tiles for your bathroom, it’s possible to make your bathroom come to life.

Tiles Bathroom – User Friendly

In the realm of cheap tiles bathroom, there are many varieties. Which should you choose? Consider first the users. If you have small children, consider the fact that ceramic tiles generally become slippery when wet. So check the COF rating (coefficient of friction) for the tiles you are interested in. You can ask your tile supplier if unsure. A high COF means tiles are less slick when they meet water. Some recommend a COF of at least .60 for bathroom floors. If you plan on tiling the walls though, the COF is of no consequence because it is unlikely anyone will be walking on them.

Tiles For Your Bathroom

You may also consider tile size. If your bathroom is very small and you install large tiles, the scarcity and size of the tiles will highlight the fact that you are a bit low on space. However, they also mean fewer grout lines to clean. Smaller tiles, however, will make the bathroom seem larger, but provide you with extra work cleaning the grout joints.

Free Your Mind

Try to think outside the box. When creating a floor plan, think of an attractive mosaic, some accent tiles or a geometric pattern to include. It is not necessary to use the same tiles for the entire bathroom installation. Glass tiles can be used for their luminescence or shine. This can give your bathroom extra “pop”. You do not even have to use tiles for the entire bathroom. You can install tiles halfway up the wall and paint the rest. When doing so, however, check that your chosen tiles are suitable for vertical installation.
After pondering the above, you can set out to purchase your cheap tiles for bathroom and give your bathroom that needed facelift.
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