Bathroom tile design, how can you include that personal touch when designing your new bathroom with tiles?  The numerous varieties of stone and ceramic tiles on the market, as well as the endless amount of colours, textures, styles and patterns, will give you the means to put “you” into any design. Find out how you can design your bathroom tiles.

Here is a hot tip: Use simple design featuring neutral colours. Why? Let’s see how it works in a bathroom setting.

Small bathrooms clutter easily. Therefore, using decorative borders, accent tiles and contrasting tiles can make the space too busy and create what is sometimes called a “gingerbread” effect, alluding to the gingerbread houses with candy cane door frames and other multi-coloured ornaments which makes it look cluttered. A neutral colour scheme with a muted pattern will help you avoid this problem, yet can still provide you with a stylish bathroom. Bathroom tile design.

Another plus is that a neutral scheme tends to take on the tone of the furnishings you use such as your shower curtain, rugs, or even accessories such as towels and soap dishes. This means that if you are using a black and white colour scheme but are bored with it, you can switch to green and blue by just buying a new rug, towels, perhaps soap dishes, etc and you’ve got a whole new bathroom!

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