When it comes to white bathroom tiles what is more popular than 300x 600 mm gloss white wall tiles? Nothing! Because they are simply irresistible. It gives a contemporary feel, looks great and is easy to clean.

Gloss white bathroom tiles will add a new dimension to your bathroom. The white colour will complement any type of floor tiles. It can be a hard decision to make but knowing what is available can help in your decision in what to match with your gloss white wall tile in your bathroom.

Why are these tiles so popular? Because they are cut to size, they are very accurate in calibration, which means that you can fix them with a very small grout joint (1.5mm). Therefore, you end up with a fantastic wall finish with fewer and smaller grout joints. This makes them not only more appealing but also easier to clean, leaving a beautiful clean finish. Gloss white bathroom wall tiles are a good choice for your walls.

So, how do you select a good quality tile? Firstly, see the glaze does not have many pin holes. You do this by looking closely for little black holes. You also need to make sure it has englobing. This is where there is a primer applied to the tile before the glazing process. This is done to save water absorption showing through the glaze when wet. To test, simply get a bucket of water and dip a tile in it for 5 minutes. If the colour changes remarkably it either has no englobing (fine for most countries except Australia) or a very weak englobing. Australian consumers will not readily accept moisture showing through the glaze surface.

Now, where can you find cheap 300x600mm gloss white bathroom tiles? We recommend visiting our showroom in Sydney or alternatively our online store.