Choosing your bathroom floor tiles and then tiling your bathroom can be a satisfying project, breathing new life and artistic flair into a much overlooked room of the house. However, when it comes to tiling your bathroom floor, here are some tips from the professionals.

Bathroom Floor Tiles – Got Everything Covered?

After spreading your thin set mortar on the floor, scoring it, pressing your first tile into place, and then giving it a little encouragement with a beater block and rubber mallet, how can you check the quality of your installation? After “beating in” the first tile, lift it up and check the back. What are you looking for? The mortar should have covered the entire tile. If there are parts exposed, you need to re-score the mortar with a trowel with larger notches. Then reinstall the tile, using the same procedure. Lay the second tile, making sure that both are level with each other. Also, make sure that the tiles are aligned correctly. In a real way “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch”, because one crooked tile that goes unaligned will throw your entire installation out of alignment.

Do not mortar the entire floor. Spread and score your mortar section by section so that it does not dry before your bathroom floor tiles have been installed. As you go, keep a damp sponge at our disposal to wipe off any mortar that gets on your tiles. Proceed until the entire floor has been completed. Then let the mortar dry. How long? Every product has a different drying or “curing” time. So make sure to check the instructions for the particular product you have chosen.

Applying these easy to follow tips will make installing your bathroom tiles a project you can be proud of and be time well spent.

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