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Make Your Bathroom More Than Just A Bathroom With The Latest Bathroom Tiles

Luxurious bathroom tiles, what is a bathroom to you? Sure, you take a shower, wash your face and do various things like that. It may not be a place you spend much of your day in and you wouldn’t invite people to the bathroom for a party, that’s for sure! Being a personal space, not many people put in as much effort to decorate their bathroom as they do other rooms such as their living room and kitchen. However, things are changing as more people are seeking quality rather than just functionality. When you think about it, it’s often one place you can get away from your busy life to relax and stop even if just for a few minutes.

Noticing the changing trend in people’s appetite for more quality, tile manufacturers have been busy producing eye catching bathroom tiles. Italian and Spanish manufacturers such as Italgraniti and Pamesa have been producing exquisite bathroom tiles that’ll change your view of bathrooms. Below are some of the latest offerings in bathroom tiles from the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Luxurious Bathroom Tiles – Modern Subway Bathroom Tiles

Subway tiles have been around for a very long time. The name originates from the tiles used in the subway system in New York. Although it’s been a long time since they were first introduced, their familiar design is still close to many people’s hearts. Now too, subway tiles as bathroom tiles are getting renewed attention as manufacturers reinvent the retro look of subway tiles once again. One such product is the “Bulevar” series made in Spain. This range offers a wide variety of neutral colours that can be used in a wide range of bathroom settings or even to mix and match. A slightly longer format, as well as the hand-made like texture, add a modern twist that will give a fresh new look to any bathroom.

The White Experience By Italgraniti

Marble tiles are considered one of the most luxuriant types of bathroom tiles. Carrara white marble looks sensational in any bathroom. However, marble bathroom tiles are not the most practical option when it comes to the maintenance required in order to keep its original look. But what if you could get the look of marble without the worry of maintenance? That’s what you get with “The White Experience” series by Italgraniti. This range, which is perfect for bathrooms, features two distinctively beautiful marble looks, Apuano and Pulpis. The rich representation of marble is truly memorable. What makes it even more unique is the wide variety of textures that it’s available in. Six different surface textures, lappato, spazzolato, natural, anticato, rullato and bocciardato add a whole new dimension to the range which is already rich in character. These bathroom tiles will without a doubt make your time in the bathroom a truly enriching experience. Luxurious bathroom tiles.

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