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Renovations can be daunting at the best of times, let alone having the pressure of first time renovators on television shows such as the Block making it look as though it is a walk in the park. Over the years, we tend to hear the same comments again and again. Our customers can’t seem to get their head around the concept of renovating their bathroom as it always seems much more difficult to choose bathroom tiles than choosing their main floor tile.

The reason is simple – there are so many elements that are required to fit together (let alone complement one another) in such a confined space. So how exactly should you tackle your bathroom renovation? Where do you start looking in this never ending sea of bathroom tiling options?

Well, we have nutted it down to five key factors that you should focus on when choosing bathroom tiles to help you execute the perfect space to compliment your lifestyle.

Moon Light Grey R10 Matt Finish Italian Porcelain Tile

Be Inspired By Nature

Timber vanities, marble look porcelains, indoor greenery and concrete tiles are all a part of an ever growing trend that convinces us mere mortals that resort style living is not just something we dream of on holiday, but is something we deserve to be surrounded by in our day to day lives.

With so many different materials crafted from the inspiration of nature, there is almost no product that cannot be replicated. By utilising the latest technological advancements available at their disposal, manufacturers from around the world have been able to create bathroom tiles that emulate the tone, texture and size of timber flooring. Polished concrete flooring has also developed a strong following, with customers opting for a tile to re-create the look without the maintenance. To be inspired, why not visit TFO today?

Size Matters

With the trend fast becoming the bigger the better, it comes as no surprise that there are tiles on the market as large as 1.5 x 3 meters long. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, there are always ways and means of creating an illusion of space – even when the space is limited. By utilising linear drains in the corner of the room, a tiler can lay large format bathroom tiles on a floor without the need of creating multiple cuts. This is especially useful when dealing with tiles that have a marble pattern as the last thing that you want to do is loose the effect through having to cut the tile down. Our sales team at TFO have been trained in giving you the best advice on these issues.

Think Dimensional

To create a style that incorporates both luxury and drama, don’t be afraid to play around with 3D, patterned or even textured bathroom tiles. These elements will assist in creating a space that requires minimal styling with additional accessories, but rather emphasises one key element that will become the focal point of the room. Utilising patterned or 3D bathroom tiles, paired alongside a simplistic yet complementary colour palate, will ultimately spell success for any renovator.

Becan Polished Glazed Spanish Porcelain Tiles

Timeless Design Is Key

Unlike soft furnishings, once you have finished your bathroom revamp, it’s highly unlikely that you will decide to renovate again anytime soon. Keeping that in mind, it is suggested that you opt for neutral colour pallets in order to avoid fleeting trends. Think classic colours such as whites, greys, soft browns, creams and charcoals. Even the most basic bathroom tiles can bring out the best in the room by simply integrating unique styling techniques through the way in which they are laid. Some of the most popular artistic patterns utilised during the application process include herringbone, brick bond and chevron to name a few. While some patterns may mean slightly more wastage, our trained staff at TFO can help you with this.

Choose To Contrast Or Compliment

Whatever your design choice, to ensure that it goes off without a hitch, opt to either compliment the surrounding tile choices or alternatively be bold and create a dramatic contrast. Feature walls can help draw attention to one particular area. However, to avoid the room looking too busy – pair the feature with a subtler tile of a similar toning. This will create the consistency you are after without losing the impact of the contrasting wall.

This article is general in nature. Feel free to speak with any of our well trained TFO staff for more tailored advice on making your next renovation a huge success.


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Whether your style is Contemporary, Classic, Retro or Industrial you can choose from the many different tiles available, specially elected by designers in combinations to make your choice easy.


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