Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Wall Tiles

Bored of endless options of mosaic wall tiles in square or rectangle shapes? Consider using hexagonal or round shaped marble mosaic tiles. Most of us have some type of mosaic tiles at home. Whether they are in your bathroom, or on a kitchen splashback or feature wall, they add a beautiful accent to the area Read More

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Marble Mosaic Tiles

Jazz up your home with dazzling mosaic tiles. You may have just finished your bathroom renovation project. The floor is covered with clean, modern look tiles and the walls have beautiful polished porcelain tiles from floor to ceiling. How stunning! But wait… it feels like something is missing. You notice that there is no décor Read More

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Mosaic Tiles for Kitchens

Use dazzling mosaic tiles for your  kitchen and turn it into a master piece. What a wide variety of kitchen splashback options there are - tiles, mirror, stainless steel, glass and so many other types of materials can be used as a kitchen splashback. But we think using mosaic tiles for kitchens is one of Read More

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Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Who wants a boring and drab bathroom? I’m guessing nobody. Well, with a simple splash of colour in the form of some mosaic bathroom tiles, you could have the bathroom of your dreams and feel like you were in a 5 star hotel every time you step into your bathroom. Let’s take a look at Read More

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Glass, marble and metallic mosaics are the latest in decorating trends around the world. Did you know that mosaics have been used as a decoration material for over 4000 years. Starting with the use of stones, later on terracotta pieces were used in paving and much later coloured glass to adorn Churches and Mosques, one Read More

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Mosaic Tiles Sydney

Using mosaic tiles is a fantastic way to jazz up your room whether it be your kitchen splash back or bathroom wall. TFO is Sydney's favorite place for the most creative but affordable mosaic tiles. You may be familiar with the term “mosaic”, recalling pottery covered with small pieces of tile or a picture created Read More

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Glass Mosaic Tiles

So much space, so many choices. When contemplating the options, it would be good to add glass mosaic tiles to the list. You will primarily find glass mosaic tiles in a kitchen or a bathroom. Why? The secret lies in their sparkle. Because glass tiles glisten like no other, they give the appearance of water Read More

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Pool Tiles Sydney

Pool mosaics, whilst aesthetically appealing, have been a practical nightmare for years now. If you are thinking about tiling your pool let me explain. In the past many have used mesh backing. This has not always allowed for enough tile adhesive to bind, causing problems years later when tiles start popping off. The other option is Read More

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Mosaic Tile

Does creating a work of art sound like something that should be left to seasoned professionals? When it comes to creating mosaic tile patterns for your home, it need not be. You can create simple designs containing chevrons, arrows, squares, or diamonds, or you can use individual tiles and go for a more specific design such Read More

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Laying Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic refers to tiles which are made up of many small pieces of tile. Whilst you may not be familiar with this type of tile, chances are you've seen mosaic art before. Just like the tiles, mosaic art is created using many small pieces of various materials. Some of the earliest examples of mosaic art Read More

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