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TFO - A Factory Floor Tile Outlet with a difference!!! Outlets are fast becoming the trendy way to shop.  The meaning of factory outlet or outlet store is a brick and mortar or online retail store where manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public. Traditionally, a factory outlet was a store attached to a Read More

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Floor Tiles Idea

Not all floor tiles are made the same or from the same material. You should get to know the categories of floor tiles. These categories are glazed porcelain, polished porcelain, unglazed matt porcelain, unglazed rock face porcelain, ceramic tiles, glazed matt porcelain, glazed polished porcelain and natural stone. Each floor tile has both advantages and Read More

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Investment Property Flooring

Are you thinking of updating the flooring in your investment property? Regardless of whether you recently bought a property which requires attention or the aging flooring in your old investment property needs a makeover, it pays to weigh up your options before reaching a decision. While the options for flooring solutions become ever wider, the Read More

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Polished Porcelain Tiles Kitchen

It is a fact - in most residential homes in Sydney, the kitchen is one place you’d almost certainly see tiles on the floor and nothing else. Even if the rest of the house uses carpet or timber floor boards, the practicality of tiles usually convinces home owners to choose tiles in the kitchen. They Read More

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Concrete Floor Tiles

TFO’s range of floor tiles has never been bigger. We boast one of the biggest ranges of Italian tiles, timber look tiles, travertine tiles and more. But the scene of the tile industry keeps changing at a fast pace, new types of products and designs are being introduced all the time with the advance of Read More

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Difference between wall and floor tile

What’s the difference between wall and floor tile? True, most tiles are sold as ‘floor tiles’ or ‘wall tiles’. Does that mean that you can use them for only one application? You’d do well to find out about the difference between wall and floor tile so that you can make your next project a success Read More

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Quality Floor Tiles

Do you think that if you get floor tiles at clearance prices that you have to take a drop in quality? Well here at Tile Factory Outlet, you can get premium quality floor tiles at clearance prices all year round. The difference between Tile Factory Outlet and other floor tile distributers is that we pass the savings Read More

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Laying Floor Tiles

You have chosen your floor tiles, laid the subfloor, and you are now anxious to get creative. Just like in the other two steps, you will need all the right tools before laying floor tiles. Many of the required tools for laying floor tiles you already would have had for the other two steps, except Read More

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Self Leveling Compounds

Self-leveling compounds provide a smooth and even surface on your subfloor before installing tiles. In addition it repairs cracks and imperfections in the surface. Just as with any product there are numerous varieties of leveler produces for specific purposes. Most commonly there are two types of leveler, a water based type and an acrylic type Read More

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Kitchen Flooring

Life is full of decisions. Choosing the type of kitchen flooring that is right for you is not an easy choice. And the sheer number options does not make it any easier. But consider some advantages of going with tiles as your flooring option as opposed to other options such as wood. Wood floors for Read More

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