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Tiles Canberra – Go to TFO

Are you after top quality but affordable floor and wall tiles in Canberra? We understand that there’s not as many tile shops in Canberra, therefore you don’t get as many options to choose from for your tiling project and without much competition, the prices go higher. However, we feel that all Australians should have a fair go at getting the latest and the greatest tiles available for decent prices.

Here at TFO, otherwise known as Tile Factory Outlet, we provide you with the opportunity to get premium quality tiles at ridiculously low prices. TFO is the biggest single tile outlet in Sydney and we have in stock an extremely wide selection of floor tileswall tilesItalian tilestimber look tiles and natural stone tiles and pavers. We take pride in showcasing leading products and the latest trends from reputable brands from around the world, including Spain and Italy.

Whilst we don’t have a showroom in Canberra, don’t let that stop you from getting amazing tiles that you love for a fraction of the price you’ll pay elsewhere. We have deals with third party transport companies which assist you to receive your purchased tiles in Canberra safely and on time. Please check below for quoted prices for delivery to your door. It’s important to allow 12% wastage (that’s an additional 2% than normal to allow for the extra distance for delivery and any breakages) when placing your order for tiles. This will ensure you won’t require getting an extra box or two at the end of your project.

Ideally, we would love for you to visit our showroom in Sydney and see for yourself our outstanding range of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles. While at TFO, check out our Italian vanity tapeware. If you are unable to come to Sydney, you can still make the most of TFO’s great products and prices on our online tile store. Our online tile store shows a selected range of our beautiful floor and wall tiles which you can purchase online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Why wait, start shopping today!

Price Comparison – Canberra vs TFO

Buying polished porcelain tiles in Canberra:
150 /m2 at $35 /m2 = $5,250

Buying polished porcelain tiles from TFO:
150 /m2 at $15 /m2 = $2,250
Transportation = $636.90 (by Newline Transport)
Total = $2,886.90

That’s a difference of a whopping $2,463.10!

Third Party Transport Company:

Newline Transport
Ph: (02) 9604 7177

Delivery cost for two pallets: $424.60 inc GST*

(*Based on pallets, each weighing 1.1t. You’ll get approximately 110m2 of porcelain tiles or 50m2 of natural stone tiles)