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Rectified Wall Tiles – Create A Sharp And Snazzy Bathroom With Rectified Wall Tiles

Buy rectified wall tiles and create a sharp and modern looking bathroom in your home. The options of tiles have increased significantly over the last decade or so. While we have so many more beautiful choices, we have also been seeing new types of tiles that we had never heard of such as vitrified, double loaded, nano-sealed and so on. One of the new types of tiles is ‘Rectified Wall tiles’.

So what are ‘Rectified Wall Tiles’? Simply put, they are generally speaking large format tiles that are cut to size by a machine. Most traditional ceramic tiles are individually machine pressed, resulting with each piece having round edges. The sizes among the same tiles are not consistent, hence tiles are sorted in different batches at the end of the line to gather the similar size tiles. On the other hand, rectified wall tiles are first produced as a large piece of tile then it gets cut into smaller sizes by a machine. The result is that every piece of tile has exactly the same size and they have square cut edges instead of round edges.

Why Choose Rectified Wall Tiles

This is a great advantage if you are renovating your bathroom with a sharp and modern look in mind. Why? Because rectified wall tiles allow you to have a minimum grout joint of 1.5mm as opposed to 3mm for non-rectified wall tiles. This is due to the above mentioned consistency in sizes. When you see less of the grout joint, it creates a seamless, clean and modern looking bathroom wall. Choose a similarly coloured Davco colour grout for your tiles and the grout joints may be nearly invisible.

One of the most popular products sold at TFO is 300x600mm gloss white rectified wall tiles. Its clean white colour makes it one of the most versatile tiles around. Its ceramic body ensures that the installation is a breeze, and the glazed surface means no hard maintenance is required.

Why not check out our wide range of rectified wall tiles today, or buy tiles online now.

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