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Kitchen Backsplash Tiles – Metro Travel Range Of White Gloss Beveled Wall Tiles

Your house reflects your personality, your dreams. Your life shows the world who you are. If you know who you are…you know your style. Kitchen backsplash Tiles.

At TFO, you can choose whatever style suits you from our wide range of top quality tiles from around the world. TFO’s quality range of ceramic tiles are offered at the lowest prices on the market, giving you a wide range of decorating possibilities.

With the trend to live in the inner city suburbs growing, so is the trend for an urban style look in furnishings and wall coverings.  So if you are looking for those special kitchen backsplash tiles or a spectacular feature wall mural that will make a statement on who you are, then the latest arrival – TFO’s Metro Travel themed gloss white beveled wall tiles are a perfect decorating solution.

The body tile is all white in a sleek format of 20x60cm, divided into four sections, forming 4 tiles, which when grouted visually turn into 10x30cm emulating the very popular look of subway tiles.

The feature tiles in the Metro Range are printed with the most recognizable cities from around the world – Paris, Barcelona, Venice, New York, San Francisco, Rome, Sydney and yes, even Melbourne’s docklands are depicted.  The monochromatic look of grey tones on a white background will fulfill your urban styling needs.  You can have all these wonderful cities in one mural as they come in a box of eight tiles, each tile highlighting one iconic city. Or alternatively mix them with the plain white body tiles, placing them strategically in order of your preference.

If you like travelling and who doesn’t, this new range of Metro Travelis a great way for you to either reminisce on the wonderful cities you have visited or if you have not yet done a lot of travelling, then put the cities on your bucket list.

Come to the TFO showroom to see how easy it is to complete your urban style inner city apartment or townhouse – or buy tiles online now.

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