Double Vanity For Your Bathroom

Looking to add pop and pizzazz to your bathroom? The word “vanity” generally has negative connotations. However, installing a high quality, double vanity unit in your bathroom is a fast way to upgrade and modernise your bathroom. This will make your bathroom both fashionable and more functional. After all, that’s where we put on our best face, brighten up those pearly whites, and smooth that last hair into place.

Here at TFO, we provide you with one of the largest selections of tiles and pavers around. Not only that, but we also bring you additional products that take your bathroom décor from drab to fab! As a case in point, show a little love to your bathroom with our selection of single and double vanity units.

Consider our Noce Italian double vanity unit. These stunning units are a marriage of style and practicality. The double basins are an exercise in efficiency. They allow more than one individual to use the sink and therefore help to keep peace in the family.

Double Sets Of Drawers

The double set of drawers make for more storage space. More space to store personal items means less clutter. This in turns results in a more organized and visually appealing bathroom. An additional bonus is that a double vanity adds to the overall resale value of your home. Consider some of the prized features of our beautiful double vanity units.

Double Vanity Units Are Ultra-Modern

Firstly, these gorgeous double vanity units are wall hung. As a result, creating a “floating” effect. This brings a sophisticated ultra-modern feel to your bathroom interior. Since the vanity does not have legs, it also allows you to easily clean your floor tiles. Moreover, this open space beneath the vanity makes your bathroom visually appear larger. On the other hand, you may find other practical uses for this space.

The handleless drawers enhance the contemporary feel. This gives the units a sleek, symmetrical seamless look. The soft close mechanisms installed make opening and closing the drawers so smooth that it will feel virtually effortless. Let’s not forget the finish. The natural timber look or dark grey timber look finish provides a refreshing natural feel. This also helps keep the units both fashionable and current.

TFO’s selection of top quality Italian double vanity units will give your bathroom a new look. Stop in at our Sydney outlet and browse our collection. Or check out our online store and compare prices. You’ll find savings hard to beat!

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6 thoughts on “Double Vanity For Your Bathroom

  1. We live at Tura Beach on the far south coast of NSW but will be in Canberra on 13th and 14 th October.
    Do you have an outlet there so we can look at the vanities and also floor and wall tiles?

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. We would love for you to visit however we are located in Smithfield, Sydney with no stores in other locations.

  2. We like the double wall hung vanities shown on your first page What colour do they come in and what is the benchtop made of. Also need one to be 1500 in length.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. These vanities come in a brown, anthracite and white wood grain finish and a white gloss. The top is made from a composite of crushed marble and filler. We have a 1500mm available, for more information please give our office a call on (02) 8728 7800.