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Travertine Tiles – Your Bathroom

Like to add a rustic look to your bathroom? Try travertine tiles. Whether on the floor, ceiling, or countertop, these natural beauties will give you the antique look that you’ve been longing for. Before doing so, keep in mind a few points.

Tread Lightly

“Solid as a rock”. We are familiar with the saying. The fact is, however, that “solidness” is relative. Travertine tiles is more delicate than its cousins, for example, marble. Therefore, special care should be taken in its use so that water, chemicals, dirt, and other substances do not damage the surface of your tiles.

If travertine is your floor installation in the bathroom and you’ll be stepping out of a nice hot shower onto them, use a bath mat. Unfinished travertine is quite porous and will absorb water quickly. This, over time, will wear out the tile.

If you have installed travertine tiles for your bathroom countertop, it needs to be protected from drops of toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, and other cleaning products that will damage the tile. So wipe off any drips immediately. In addition, to make sure that the bottles and tubes of such products do not mischievously leak out onto the surface, make sure you place them in some type of tray or basket to create a barrier.

Frequently wiping down the travertine floor tile installation will also prolong the life of the tiles. Dust and grit can be ground into the tiles simply by walking on them and this will scratch and etch the surface. Regular wiping will also help keep stains away.

Got a stubborn stain? Before you purchase tile cleaner, make sure it is not acid based. In addition, never use generic cleaners—they will not get along with your travertine. Check with the manufacturer and get a professional cleaning substance to protect your delicate beauties.

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