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Travertine Tiles For The Bathroom – A Must Read

When you think of tiles for your bathroom, practicality may be one of the most important things to you. Sure, there are plenty of porcelain and ceramic tiles that offer excellent practicality such as polished porcelain tiles and timber look tiles. But what about using natural stone tiles in a bathroom? Maybe even travertine tiles for the bathroom? Is it too risky??

Why You Should Consider Travertine Tiles For The Bathroom

Travertine continues to be one of the most popular natural stone tiles sold in Sydney. People just love the warm, rich character of travertine and yes, you can use travertine tiles for the bathroom. We’d recommend using it for your entire bathroom, not just the floor but on the walls up to the ceiling. This kind of installation combined with the rich character of travertine creates a spa like feel. Below are the different variants of travertine available for use in a bathroom.

Honed And Filled Travertine Tiles

Honed and filled travertine tiles are among the most common tiles used for bathrooms. Although travertine tiles are extremely porous, cement fills the small holes in the surface before honing to prevent water from getting trapped. A wide variety of sizes are available anywhere between 300x300mm to 600x600mm allowing you to find just the right size for your bathroom. The smooth finish and the deep colours of these tiles would make for a modern and luxurious bathroom. Honed and filled travertine tiles are by far the most popular travertine tiles for the bathroom.

Tumbled Travertine Tiles

Tumbled travertine tiles are, as the name suggests, tumbled in a washing machine like unit filled with pebbles to remove the sharp edges. This results in tiles that have a similar warm character to that of pebbles found on the riverbank. It’s a great choice for those who love the rustic look. Most tumbled travertine tiles do not have their holes filled. So, upon installation, grout fills the surface holes to prevent trapped water on the surface.

Things To Remember When Laying Travertine Tiles

Because travertine tiles are natural stone, there are a few things to remember when laying them.

1. Get Extra

With regular tiles, we recommend getting an extra 10% of the quantity you order for wastage. However, with travertine tiles for the bathroom, we recommend getting 15% extra. This is because every travertine piece is unique and having a little bit extra would help in finding the perfect combination for your bathroom. Travertine is also fragile in comparison to other tiles. So, having extra would help you to complete the job without running out of tiles.

2. Dry Lay Them First

It’s best to work out the location for each tile prior to installation. You would want a consistent effect throughout your bathroom, so make sure to mix them up well.

3. Seal Them

Sealing is essential to keep your travertine tiles looking good for a long time in a wet environment. Remember travertine tiles are porous so without proper sealing, travertine tiles for the bathroom would have exposure to staining and discolouring. We recommend sealer made by Sure Seal for the best results.

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