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French Pattern Travertine – Reinvent Your Home

French pattern travertine is very well known for their unique designs and manages to turn into the focal centre of attention wherever used, whether it is inside or outside.

For those who are still wondering what a travertine is, it is a light coloured stone which is commonly used for buildings and a popular example of this is the roman coliseum that happens to use travertine as its primary building material.

The unique nature of travertine lets us use it in a wide range of situations and blends easily in all of them. If you are planning to use it then make sure you follow these guidelines carefully. Always make sure that you calculate the number of tiles required to finish the project then make sure you allow 15% for cutting.

Reinventing homes with French pattern travertine have gained a lot of popularity over the years and most people now see them as the best way of adding style to their natural stone flooring. Travertine in the French pattern is the real deal and contractors have started to use them extensively to meet the growing demands. These patterns usually come in either tiles or pavers and of course it is the tile option that has been having a great resurgence in popularity lately most used indoors. Outdoor travertine pavers (normally 30mm thick) have been designed to be strong and serve well as agreat outdoor option.

One of the prime reasons why most contractors and home owners now prefer renovating their home with French pattern travertine is that they don’t see a need to cut each piece to create patterns which saves them a lot of money and time. A home tiled with French pattern travertine may have a chiselled edge, while others have tumbled or straight edge. Each will create a different effect depending on you requirements. The demand for these type of patterns increased extensively in the past 5 years, as people started to show keen interest in the European old world look which have been increasingly used around swimming pools and patios.

You can compare French pattern travertine prices or  buy tiles online at the TFO online stone.

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