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Stone Pavers – Tips & Tricks Of The Trade

Most of us are not experts when it comes to using stone pavers in our landscaping. But here are a few tips and tricks recommended by the professionals that may assist you in making your landscaping something you’re proud of.

Travertine Stone Pavers

A dip in your pool is refreshing on a hot summer day—until you emerge and set foot on piping hot bricks surrounding the pool. After you extinguish the flames, a trip to Tile Factory Outlet for travertine tile pavers, or travertine stone pavers will make your pool experience enjoyable both inside and outside the pool. Travertine is said to be one of the best materials for paving the pool area. Why? It stays cool under your feet even when the temperature is hot. This is a bonus in a pool area where you and your guests will probably spend a lot of time barefoot.

Rain And Stone Pavers

Your yard, like most surfaces on earth, is not flat. When water accumulates on the surface it is going to flow to the lowest point. If proper precautions are not taken with outdoor tiles, that lowest point could very well be your basement if you have used pavers to build a patio close to your house or even attached to it, or used them to make an appealing path around it. Solution? For every 0.6 meters of linear distance, make a 6 millimeter drop going away from your home. That should be enough to keep the rain away.

Random Is Good

When paving a path, do not always limit yourself to stone pavers of the same size. Make your paving interesting by using three or even four different sizes to create a more random pattern. This is also a protection. How so? Using pavers of the same size and trying to get them in a straight line will show up the flaws in your workmanship, something you would not want to be the topic of conversation when your guests arrive.

For more advice, visit our TFO showroom today or our online tile store.

6 thoughts on “Stone Pavers – Tips & Tricks Of The Trade

  1. Looking for external pavers 100 sqm for two courtyards in my villa.
    Colour to match cream/yellow bricks., thinking of travertine say 600×600..Do you have these available or what other sizes are available
    What are other alternatives for external paving

  2. Hi, I’m laying pavers in my garden, and want a paver with a timber look. I’ve already looked at another place who sells 800x200x40mm timber look for $14.50 each. I want a paver that’s a larger size, so I don’t need as many of them. Do you have anything similar?

    1. Hi there,

      We do not have any pavers that look like timber, all our pavers are natural stone The largest size we have is 610x915x30mm

      They are priced at $75.00m2