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Wooden Floor Tiles – Love The Look Of Timber Wherever You Like

The growth in sales for wooden floor tiles over the last couple of years has been remarkable and it’s still growing with no sign of slowing down. As its popularity grows, technology advances so as to produce tiles with the fine details of a warm timber character whilst also coming up with unique and eye catching designs.

Wooden floor tiles are extremely popular, not just for their beautiful look but also for their excellent practicality. While natural timber boards require constant care and maintenance, wooden floor tiles require none of that. In fact, their porcelain body is one of the strongest floor materials you can get. This practicality allows you to enjoy the natural warm look of timber in places you’d never have imagined possible.

1. Outdoors

Real timber is fragile. While it’s fine to use for an outdoor deck as long as it’s undercover, if it is exposed to water or sunlight for an extended period of time, it can discolour or eventually lose its strength and break apart. Real timber flooring also wears out or loses its smooth finish once scratched. This limits the use of timber in many outdoor areas.

Wooden floor tiles are made of a tough porcelain body which is often used in commercial properties. The wooden floor tiles TFO imports come from some of the world’s leading wooden floor tile manufacturers in Italy including, Italgraniti and Gardenia Orchidea. They manufacture these tiles to the highest standard there is. Some of the features include, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, frost resistance, colour resistance to light and more. They are designed to last even in a harsh environment such as outdoor areas in Australia.

One other reason why you should think positively about using wooden floor tiles is the anti-slip features of these tiles. Wooden floor tiles often are available in two different finishes, R9 and R11. This rating refers to the gripping factor of the surface. The higher the rating, the more anti-slip the surface is. R11 is safe to use outdoors. This means you can use the same colour wooden floor tiles for your entire home, inside and outside by just choosing different finishes. You’ll love the seamless feel of your home.

2. Wet Areas

One other area where natural timber couldn’t be used as a wall or floor material is in a wet area. Timber just can’t handle water. But have you thought about how nice it would be to have the natural warm look of timber in your bathroom?

Now, you can with wooden floor tiles. These tiles are engineered with a very high water absorption resistance as well as stain resistance, allowing you to enjoy the natural warmth of timber for a long time. They are also available with rectified edges which make it possible to have a minimum grout joint of only 2mm.

TFO boasts one of the biggest ranges of Italian and Spanish wooden floor tiles in Sydney. Whatever colour scheme you have in your home, you are certain to find just the right wooden floor tiles. They are imported directly from the manufacturers so that we can pass big savings on to you. However, you don’t have to wait for the products to be shipped as TFO always has tens of thousands of square metres of wooden floor tiles in stock which are available for same-day pickup everyday.

Come visit our showroom today to see our full range of wooden floor tiles or buy tiles online now.