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Wood Look Porcelain Tile – Feel The Breeze On The Beach At Home

Wood look porcelain tile, just imagine feeling the fresh breeze of the ocean tenderly embracing you while the sand is under your feet. The setting sun paints everything in a bright orange including quirky little beach huts hand painted in vibrant colours. That’s just what you feel with our new range of Wood Look Porcelain Tiles.

One of the biggest reasons why natural timber boards are some of the most preferred options as a flooring material is because of the warmth they add to your home. But it’s not only limited to when they are newly installed. In fact, the warm character of timber flooring is enhanced as it ages gracefully. Of course, real timber flooring needs proper treatment and maintenance if you are to enjoy it’s lasting beauty.

At TFO, we are excited to announce that we have recently introduced our new range of timber look tiles from some leading Italian tile manufactures including IMSO Ceramiche. These unique timber look tiles go one step further than other timber look tiles that have already proved to be best sellers. These timber look tiles are designed to imitate the look of worn and distressed timber boards often seen on beach hut walls. Some of them even imitate the look of timber boards with vibrant colour paint flaking off them, giving a truly rustic and chic feel to the area. Wood look porcelain tile.

The uses for these fantastic new additions of timber look tiles can only be limited by your imagination. Use them as your indoor flooring, on a feature wall, kitchen splash back and even in your wet areas such as in your bathroom or en-suite. While they look so real, that it’s hard to distinguish if they are actually porcelain tiles, they are also some of the toughest building materials out there. You don’t have to worry about sand or rocks under your feet or moving furniture which would normally scratch and damage timber flooring.

They are also 100% waterproof as they are glazed with multi layers of inkjet printing.  This makes a unique and distinctive look possible while protecting the tiles against water damage.

On top of all the great features of these amazing tiles, they are sold to you at absolute rock-bottom prices because they are imported direct from the manufactures and are sold direct to you.

Love the feel of a white sandy beach and want to re-create it in your home? Get the latest Wood Look Porcelain Tiles at TFO today or buy tiles online now.