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Wood Floor Tiles – The New And Better Way

What other way is there to create a warm and cosy ambience than to install timber flooring. The natural beauty of real timber is very attractive and doesn’t age. It’s also relatively easy to maintain compared to other conventional flooring such as carpet. But it’s also true that it does come with some disadvantages. That’s why we recommend buying wood floor tiles made with a porcelain body.

Reasons For Using Wood Tiles Made With A Porcelain Body

First of all, real timber flooring requires constant maintenance and care. To keep the timber in good condition, periodical sealing is essential and this requires removing all the furniture on it. Without sealing, the appearance of real timber flooring can quickly fade away. You also need to protect it against elements that can scratch or do water damage. On top of that, the cost of real timber flooring can be excessive.

Wood look floor tiles can eliminate all of these disadvantages and more. Yes, they are not real timber, they are made of a porcelain body. But the advantages of floor tiles made of a porcelain body cannot be ignored. They are first of all extremely practical. They don’t require periodical sealing or any other special care. You can use them outdoors or even in a commercial area as wood look floor tiles are superbly durable.

But the biggest reason why so many people are opting for wood floor tiles made with a porcelain body is because they are simply stunning. Innovative technology and cutting edge design philosophies have together created a range of exceptionally beautiful tiles which often surpass the beauty of real timber flooring.

One of the top Italian tile manufacturers, Cerdisa, makes one such range. The Home Teak range produced by this Emilia-Romagna region based company is available in 6 different colours, offering the perfect solution for homes with any colour scheme. The carefully chosen colours and textures imitate and enhance the warmth of real timber flooring. All 6 colours are also available in 2 different textures, smooth and anti-slip. That’s great news for those who want to create a modern and seamless look with an open plan setting.

TFO prides itself on having the biggest and the best range of wood floor tiles made with a porcelain body in Sydney. The products are stocked on-site, ready for same-day pickup or delivery.

So why not visit TFO and see our stunning range of wood look floor tiles. You can also buy wood look floor tiles online now.

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    Can you please tell me which timber look tile is in the top picture with the teal cushion on your website, it is grey/brown in colour. Can’t seem to see it n the smaller sample pictures. Can I also have a price please.

    Many thanks