Timber Wood Look Porcelain Tile Range – Why It’s A Sensible Option

Timber wood look tiles by Spanish tile manufacturers are a wonderful choice in tiles. Did you know that Spaniards are some of the leading tile manufacturers in the world, along with such countries as Italy, Turkey and China. The history of ceramic production in Spain is very long. They are now rapidly adapting innovative technology to produce cutting edge products for the world to love. Their passion for life is reflected in the kind of tiles they produce. You’ll notice that many Spanish tiles have strong expressions of colour and texture making them very unique.

The other great thing about Spanish tiles is the price. While other European tiles such as Italian products seem to demand a premium price, Spanish tiles are usually more affordable in general. These are some of the reasons you’ll find more Spanish tiles at TFO than ever.

Timber Wood Look Tiles – Spanish Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

Spanish wood look porcelain tiles tick all the important points of modern timber look porcelain tiles. Things such as having a very durable and scratch resistant surface, thermal shock resistance and digital printing which allows every piece to have a genuine natural character.

Fabulous Prices At TFO

But one of the best things about these tiles is the price. While many are surprised at the affordability of Italian timber look tiles at TFO, Spanish timber wood look porcelain tiles are priced even lower. So you can have a modern timber wood look tile flooring for a fraction of the cost you may expect. They are definitely worth considering.

TFO is rapidly expanding its range of Spanish porcelain tiles. Come and visit our showroom today. Our showroom is at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield. Or buy online now. Visit us… or pay the price!