Auto Levelling Timber Look Tiles

Flexible Timber Look Tiles – True Innovation By ABK Group

Try TFO’s new Trento timber look tiles and see how far technology has come! This revolutionary product may just change the entire landscape of the tile manufacturing industry.

But what’s this all about? It’s the innovative new flexible porcelain body which allows these tiles to bend and twist, literally. They are made of raw materials that are high in plasticity. OK, they are not flexible like your pair of rubber thongs but their slight flexibility can make come true a lot of possibilities never thought possible.

As an example, the rigidity of conventional ceramic tiles does not allow for all installation patterns. In fact, all manufacturers recommend that normal timber look tiles be laid following the 80/20 rule where the tiles are laid with a maximum 20 percent offset from the adjoining tiles. This is to ensure that no possible lipping of the tiles would be visible. But thanks to the AUTO-LEVELING® porcelain body, this no longer will be an issue. You can now experience a wider variety of installation patterns with the new Trento timber look tiles.

AUTO-LEVELING® tiles will also make your surface preparation easier. Generally speaking, the surface must be prepared to be perfectly flat prior to installing tiles. But with Auto-Levelling tiles such as Trento, they will self-level when installed even if the surface is not perfectly flat. ​If you are thinking of a DIY tile installation, this is a huge advantage.

This no doubt will influence the way tiles are manufactured around the world. But you can be one of the first to appreciate this new innovation now with TFO‘s new Trento Italian timber look tiles. Visit our store today or simply buy Trento timber look tiles online now.



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