Flexible Timber Look Tiles – True Innovation By ABK Group

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Try TFO’s new Trento timber look tiles and see how far technology has come! The innovative flexible porcelain body allows these tiles to bend and twist, slightly.  What does this mean? This revolutionary product is manufactured with raw materials that are high in plasticity. This means that you have many more options with the laying patterns when using Trento auto levelling timber look tiles. 

The rigidity of conventional ceramic tiles does not allow for all installation patterns. In fact, all manufacturers recommend that normal timber look tiles be laid following the 80/20 rule. The tiles are laid with a maximum 20 percent offset from the adjoining tiles. This ensures that no possible lipping of the tiles is visible. But thanks to the AUTO-LEVELLING® porcelain body, this no longer will be an issue. You can now experience a wider variety of installation patterns with the new Trento timber look tiles.

AUTO-LEVELLING® tiles will also make your surface preparation easier. Generally speaking, the surface must be prepared to be perfectly flat prior to installing tiles. But with Auto-Levelling tiles such as Trento, they will self-level when installed even if the surface is not perfectly flat. If you are thinking of a DIY tile installation, this is a huge advantage. 
Tile Factory Outlet is constantly seeking new and innovative tiles. We do this in partnership with many of the worlds top floor and wall tile factories. These factories not only provide their latest and most innovative products but also pass on their knowledge to our sales team. Our handpicked sales team have experience such as ex-tilers, interior designers and colour consultants. So combining the top factories with TFO’s knowledgeable staff and incredible prices gives you hopefully the best tile for your floor.

You can be one of the first to appreciate the new innovation now with TFO’s new Trento Italian timber look tiles. Visit our store today or simply buy Trento auto levelling timber look tiles online now.

10 thoughts on “Flexible Timber Look Tiles – True Innovation By ABK Group

  1. What do you recommend for stairs with wood look tile? How are the edges finished where the Trend & Riser meet?

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. You can use a tile trim to finish off the edges when laying these tiles onto stairs.

  2. I want to know if TFO has polished Trento Natural Timber Look tile in the store or any polished timber look tiles ?

  3. Hi,
    Very interested to know whether these tiles are suitable for use with in slab underfloor hydronic heating due to the high level of plasticity.
    Also from ABKs installation video – no spacers between tiles were used? Do these have a recommended minimum grout spacing or can these be laid flush against each other?

    1. Thanks for your enquiry. These tiles can be laid over hydronic heating. They will need to be laid onto screed but cannot be laid flush, we recommend a 3mm spacer for floor and 1.5mm for walls.

      Kind Regards,

        1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Sure! these tiles are suitable to be laid onto a concrete slab.

  4. Sir,Madam,
    Are the Trento Natural Timber look Italian Porcelain Tile suitable for outside use such as decking. If yes are there any special conditions that need to be used in the preparation of the floor surface before they a glued down,
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
    Corby Miles

    1. Hi Corby,

      Thank you for your enquiry Re: # 5534 Trento Natural 200x1200mm.

      This tile can be used outside for a decking area however the area must be under cover and not exposed to direct rain as it is not an anti-slip product.

      For external use that is not under cover you will require a product with an R11 rating.

      The ideal surface would be a concrete substrate where the tiles can be glued with a flexible adhesive.

      Kind regards,