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4 Tips On How To Install Your Timber Look Tiles Right

Timber look tiles are so popular these days. Leading manufacturers in Europe are introducing new types and designs of timber look tiles regularly, making the range of timber look tiles to choose from bigger than ever before. Many of the leading manufacturers are introducing larger timber look tiles for a more natural and seamless look. But as far as installing timber look tiles is concerned, is there anything to keep in mind? Find below some important things to keep in mind when you are installing timber look tiles.

Level Ground For Installing Timber Look Tiles

As timber look tiles are longer than normal tiles, it’s absolutely critical that the ground is perfectly flat. Any imperfection on the floor will result in a more pronounced imperfection once you lay the tiles. It’s important to remember that you should screed all unlevelled concrete surfaces prior to the tile installation.

Use The Right Glue

Larger tiles are more prone to expansion due to the temperature. Fortunately, most timber look tiles we import from European manufacturers are tested for heat expansion, so they are resistant to breaking due to the expansion. But it’s also important that you choose the right type of glue especially if you will lay your tiles outdoors where they will be exposed to more temperature changes. The adhesive you choose should allow for some flexibility. We recommend Dustless Powder Mastic made by Davco. This product allows for some minor flexibility. It also has a long open time as well and is very easy to apply. If you are installing timber look tiles on a unique surface such as a timber floor or walls, please seek further advice.

Offset Amount

It’s normal to have some minute bows in most tiles and installing timber look tiles is no exception. For this reason, we recommend offsetting timber look tiles no more than 20 percent of the length of the tiles. For example, if the tiles are 900mm long, don’t lay the next tile with an offset bigger than 180mm. Similarly, if the tiles are 1200mm long, you shouldn’t lay the next tile with more than a 240mm offset.

Grout Joint

The less grout joints you see, the more seamless the result will look. Most timber look tiles have rectified edges. With rectified tiles, you may have narrower grout joints than for traditional non-rectified tiles. The recommended minimum grout joint width is 2mm.

There are different things to consider when installing timber look tiles. However it depends on the circumstances of where you will lay the timber look tiles. We recommend seeking advice from a professional tile installer for the best results.

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8 thoughts on “4 Tips On How To Install Your Timber Look Tiles Right

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in installing Timber looking Tile for my new house which is under construction now. This builder normally makes very flat slab and Glue Ceramic tiles without screed. If we install timber looking tile, can we install without screed if the surface is flat? If we need to screed what is the minimum thickness of screed?

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. It may be okay to lay onto concrete if the surface is perfectly flat, if you need to screed, it should be 25mm thick. Advice from your builder would be our recommendation as we do not know the exact specifications of your project.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Timber look tiles come in a wide range of colours, it is best to choose a grout that is a similar colour to the tile.

  2. Hi, I’m interested in installing timber look tiles for my apartment. Can you please advise if we would need a soundproof layer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for asking. Most apartment strata do request soundproofing. TFO sells Novatex products which cost circa $17m2. ($15m2 for the underlay and $2m2 for the adhesive to stick the underlay to the concrete slab.) After the sound proof underlay is down, you will need the normal flexible tile adhesive and tile.

  3. Hi,

    I’m interested in the timber look tiles for my house 73sq metres. Could you recommend a cheap professional tile installer?