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How To Cut Tiles

The cutting of tiles is an essential part in your tiling projects. While we recommend that you use professional tilers for the best result, some small projects can be done DIY if you use the right tools and follow the right steps.

Choosing The Right Tools

Depending on the shape you desire to achieve, you will require a few different tools. For a simple straight cut on porcelain or ceramic tiles, a tile cutter is the most effective tool. For shapes other than a simple straight cut, you will need a diamond blade angle grinder. For small cuts that the grinder can’t reach, you will need a pair of tile nippers. For cutting natural stone, a wet saw is the best option.

The Best Tile Cutter

There are many options of tile cutters to choose from. The prices also vary greatly from less than a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. But the quality also differs greatly and you should not settle for the cheapest cutter available if you want to get long term use out of it. We recommend tile cutters manufactured by Sigma. Most tilers use tile cutters from Sigma and it’s by far the most recognized brand for manufacturing reliable tile cutters.

How To Cut Tiles With A Tile Cutter

Different circumstances require different approaches. But the principles below will help you cut your tiles.

1. Mark The Tile

Mark a straight line with a pencil where you wish to cut. You must take into consideration the grout joint width as you mark it.

 2. Put The Tile In The Tile Cutter

As you put it in the tile cutter, make sure to put the line directly in the centre of the cutting blade. Make sure that both ends of the line are aligned.

3. Score The Line

Score a line on the mark from the top to the bottom while pressing down the handle. Do it only once as a double score line will lead to an irregular line.

4. Tap The Tile With The Breaker Feet

Tap the handle down once and see the breaker feet break apart the tile on the score line.

More Tips On Cutting Tiles

  • When you use a diamond blade angle grinder to cut tiles, score lines first with the tile cutter. This will create a breaking point which will help you to cut a straight line.
  • When you use an angle grinder or a wet saw to cut tiles, make sure to wear protective gear including a mask, goggles and ear protection.

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  1. Hi,

    I need a sigma tile cutter to cut tiles I got from TFO (600×300). According to this web page you can provide cutters at competitive price. Please let me know if I could get it from you. I think the cutter should be able to cut bit more than 600mm. Please let me know sizes and prices.



    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately we currently don’t have in stock any tile cutters.