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Over half a million square metres available in stock now

Come Visit Our Factory Outlet Today - 107 Warren Road, Smithfield NSW 2164 Australia

Come To Tile Factory Outlet Sydney And Get All Your Tiling Needs Covered!

We are able to satisfy all of your tiling needs here at Tile Factory Outlet Sydney.

Our store at107 Warrren Street, Smithfield has a wide range of tiles on offer, including floor tiles, wall tiles, outdoor tiling, kitchen and bathroom tiles and much much more.

With our wide selection of floor tiles you are sure to find suitable tiling for the specific requirements of your floor, whether it being a kitchen, bathroom or living room floor. You can come and see our impressive selection of floor tiles in store, or just make a purchase via our online store!

Outdoor tiling is covered at Tile Factory Outlet. Our floor tiles are most commonly fixed to a concrete base. We are on hand to advise you on the best adhesives to use on your outdoor tiling.

We also cater for wall tiles and you will find a wide selection of wall tiles in store, or you can browse our online catalogue for the latest line of stock.

What is unique with our online shop is that it is updated in real time with the latest deliveries and stock numbers. So you can browse online before deciding to travel to see us in person. Alternatively, our online system makes it extremely easy for you to make your purchase online using a secure payment system.

In addition to providing our customers with quality tiles, we at Tile Factory Outlet Sydney pride ourselves at being able to offer the cheapest tile prices in Sydney. Just drop by at our Smithfield store and we will be happy to help you find the best solutions to your tiling needs.

So whatever your tiling requirements, whether you need floor tiles, wall tiles, outdoor tiling or tiles of any specific material, we are here to meet them.

You can compare prices or buy tiles online at the TFO online store.

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2 thoughts on “Come To Tile Factory Outlet Sydney And Get All Your Tiling Needs Covered!

  1. It’s great that you made a online shop! The store itself is great whenever I go in to check out the tiles for my home. And having a online store is just so convenient. Good work!

  2. I’m very happy that you have available an online shop too. I will definitely visit it. You’ve made me curious and I will enter it to convince myself if you are right about the prices and to see if I can find what I want.