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Pietra Grey – Very Popular Pietra Grey

TFO offers a great range of natural stones, including the very popular Pietra Grey in both Honed and Polished finishes and in varies sizes.

Pietra Grey is a Limestone which is made mostly of a mineral form of Calcium Carbonate called Calcite. It is formed when the calcium carbonate crystallizes over many thousands of years. Formed at the bottom of the oceans or lakes from the accumulation of shells, bones and other calcium rich goods. When the limestone is subjected to intense heat or pressure, then crystallization occurs and the limestone becomes a true marble.

Chemically they are both still calcium carbonate but the marble has a crystalline appearance and the limestone will have a relatively flat appearance. Marble is used for flooring, wall cladding, vanity tops, furniture and ornate stonework. It is also used extensively for building construction purposes.

When Limestone becomes marble one of the most beautiful stones available is the Peitra Grey, which is a warm deep grey colour with light white veining. The TFO range of Pietra Grey marble comes from Iran.

Limestone and marble being natural products, are the stones of choice for elegant projects, however they are traditionally expensive for the average consumer. But not anymore as TFO brings these products to the Sydney marketplace at prices which make them affordable to everyone.

TFO is the biggest supplier of  Pietra Grey in Australia, and is able to access  over 80000 /m2 direct from the Iranian quarries making them the cheapest supplier in the market.

The TFO range of Pietra Grey is available in either honed (matt) or polished (shiny) finish in 600x600mm for your living areas, in 600x300mm for your bathroom walls and in 300x300mm for bathroom floors. Pietra Grey also is available in mosaic sheets to use for features, for a striking dramatic effect.

Want to create a sophisticated, timeless look choose natural stones for all your living spaces?

Come to TFO now to view the Pietra Grey range or buy now online at.

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4 thoughts on “Pietra Grey – Very Popular Pietra Grey

  1. Hi,

    I’m doing an office fit-out project to match existing Pietra Grey Marble floor,
    The size is 300 x 600 x 15mm
    Can you please send me a sample to the address below:

    Level 6, 61 Market Street NSW 2000

    kind regards,
    April Macias

  2. I would like to know how much your pietra grey stone is? Also what size is the slab and what is the thickness? We are lookiing for our kitchen island.


    1. Hi there, we currently have Pietra Grey Honed Marble in a 300×300, 300×600, 600×600, if you are after a full slab you are best to speak to a stone masonry company.