TFO Now Delivers Tiles To Melbourne

Are you looking for tiles Melbourne? Join many other Melburnians who have bought quality tiles from TFO in Sydney and saved thousands. With TFO’s special delivery service for customers in Melbourne, getting the tiles you love at prices you can’t resist has become even easier for you.

TFO has become the largest single clearance tile outlet in Australia, selling about 22,500m² of tiles every single week. Unlike our competitors though, TFO stocks approximately 350,000m² of tiles, natural stone and bathware in our one location. This uniqueness has made Tile Factory Outlet become a favourite supplier for both residential and commercial customers alike.

TFO features an extensive range of European glazed porcelain tiles, bathroom tiles, porcelain floor tiles, travertine tiles and other natural stone tiles. TFO has exclusive arrangements with many of the best factories from around the world. Unlike others though, these arrangements are based on volume and most importantly price. This means that you, the customer, should be able to save 30-50% on the same or similar tiles that you can find in other stores.

Shop now at TFO by visiting our showroom or online tile store. Visit us… or pay the price.

Case Study 1 – Jason

Jason was looking for tiles Melbourne. He needed tiles for a small job in Melbourne’s west. He was looking for quality Italian tiles locally, however they were selling for $80m². After researching online, he got to know about TFO and he found the Italian tiles he was looking for. TFO’s price for this product was only $35m². He wanted to make sure that he was getting the right product. But it wasn’t worth his time and money to fly up to Sydney since he needed only about 100m². So he purchased a 200x200mm sample piece which TFO posted to him a few days later. Satisfied with the quality and colour of the tile, he purchased the tiles online. He wanted to save on the delivery cost, so he opted to have them delivered to his nearest depot by Pickering’s Transport (Sunshine) instead of having them delivered to his home. In the end, he paid $3,500 for his tiles and $350 for the transport. He saved $4,150.

* Prices for delivery have changed. See updated delivery prices here.

Case Study 2 – Kathy*

Kathy had a large project of building a hostel in St. Kilda. Due to her taste of high quality products and style, her project was running over budget. She wanted to add to the investment and as it was in St. Kilda, she decided to buy travertine tiles. However, everywhere she looked, travertine tiles were priced very high. Then she came across TFO’s website and realised that she can get similar quality travertine tiles for about half the local price of $100,000! She decided that it was worth flying up to Sydney to see the tiles herself. TFO offered courtesy transportation to the TFO showroom from the airport. Seeing the full range of travertine tiles, she decided to buy travertine tiles of a slightly higher grade than what she originally had in mind. So all in all, she spent about $56,000, including the flight to Sydney and the delivery costs. She saved $44,000 and received a better quality product than what she hoped for! Kathy got her tiles Melbourne from TFO.

Tiles Melbourne – Tips On Buying Tiles From TFO:

1. We recommend getting 12% wastage (instead of 10%) for porcelain and 15% for natural stones, just in case a couple of tiles break on the 800km journey.

2. You will get pallets of tiles delivered by a tailgate truck. That means you need to have a flat concrete surface where you can use a pallet jack to move the pallets to your desired location in your property.

*Some names have been changed due to privacy reasons.