Tile Adhesive Guide

Below is a guide to help in choosing the best Tile adhesive for your job.
Originally designed to help TFO staff assist their clients.

Powder Mastic (90% of Sales)

Powder Mastic is a flexible tile adhesive. Suitable to use on Porcelain, ceramics, indoor and outdoor and can be stuck on to: cement floors and walls, villaboard, cement sheeting and plaster board providing it is primed with Ultra Prime
$27 per 20kg Bag Coverage 5m2 with 10mm notch trowel


A Flexible tile adhesive with rubber. It can be used everywhere that Powder Mastic can and has the advantage that it can be used over existing tiles, if primed with Ultrabond. Also Great if your tiling your floors within 7 days of screeding.(Must wait 24 hours after screeding)
$35 per 20kg Bag Coverage 6m2 with 10mm notch trowel


A whiter glue that some tilers prefer to use for wall tiles. Suitable for plaster board, cement sheet or cement rendering. Surface must be primed with ultra prime.
$35 per 20kg Bag Coverage 8m2 with 10mm notch trowel


The best glue on the market, great for those who want extra insurance. Most tilers will use this glue in their own home. Great for any main floors – indoor and outdoor. Also can be used with tile underlay or Lanko 184 over timber floors.
$125 per 40kg powder and 20L liquid Coverage 18m2 with 10mm notch trowel


A cheap glue, with no flexibility, suitable for ceramic tiles on internal floors only.
$8 Per 20kg Bag Coverage 4m2 with 10mm notch trowel

Specific Uses


Stackstone must be properly secured with  SE-7 and Davlastic.

$65 per 20kg powder and 5L liquid Coverage 5m2 with 10mm notch trowel

Swimming Pools

the tile is suitable, we recommend one of the colour grouts mixed with Glass Mosaic Additive, this makes a hard job relatively easy.
$59 per 15kg powder and 5L liquid Coverage 6m2 with 6mm notch trowel

Garages and Driveways

We recommend SE-7 and Davlastic.
$65 per 20kg powder and 5L liquid Coverage 4m2 with 12mm notch trowel



Use over Painted surfaces, over old vinyl or carpet adhesive or existing tiles it allows the glue to stick or bond.
$50 per 20kg powder and 5L liquid Coverage 7m2 3mm thick


Use over cement floors and walls, villaboard, cement sheeting or plaster board before the adhesive.
$29 per 5L liquid Coverage 45m2 Painted/rolled on
All advice is of a general nature and does not take into consideration unusual situations. For more technical advice go to http://parexdavco.com.au/ .Estimates on coverage is given as a rough guide only.